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From the early period of civilization, millions of attempts have been made to understand ‘God’. What is God? Does he exists or not?

In this era of technology and scientific advancement, the word ‘God’ is losing its significance. Everyone is accepting the scientific aptitude and thinking everything very logically and rationally. But there are some questions in science even which are unanswered. Let us once ask those questions.

We all live in this earth, but who created this earth? We see beautiful trees grows up, how does it grows? We see water falling from mountain, how does it fall? How does wind

blows and river flows from one direction to another?

If a logical person answer all these question, he would say, might be because of volcanic out grassing, this earth was created. The trees grow up because it’s get water and nitrogen from land and air from the atmosphere. The water falls in downward direction because of the gravity. Like this, all these complex questions, a rational person could logically justify. But if further questions are asked, who has caused that volcanic out grassing or who has created the gravity… at some point the science will fail to answer. But, it would say, that there might be some ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ because of which all these happens.

Science believes in that ‘spirit’ and religion also believes in that spirit, which cannot be seen, but can be felt. The difference is, science terms that spirit, with different logical names based on its different kinds of research and religion simply terms that spirit as ‘God’. From the word ‘spirit’ only the word spirituality came. If we enter into those ancient spiritual scriptures of ours, we would find that today’s modern science has to do something with religion. They would meet at some point obviously. The thing is that, just we have to find the spirit of science in the scriptures of religion. And if religion and science both work in hand to hand with each other, society would feel another phase of smart development.

That spirit not only, remains in the materialistic things like water, land, air etc. That spirit is also there in human being, and that is why we are able to do work, talk, walk…

It in only because of that spirit we are able to do different kinds of task, which brings progress in our society. Science may say that ‘spirit’ as energy and religion points out that special spirit and term that person as ‘God’. We can see in Sanatan Dharma (i.e. in Hinduism) different God and Goddess are worshiped. They are worshiped only because they were able to do some great task such as saving millions of persons or creating or preserving things, because of their inner spirit.

We everyone in this earth are born with our own inner spirit and we everyone has the capability of becoming God, if we utilize that spirit in such a way that would help other people or would bring advancement in our society.

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The last stanza

Rose Merry

Saturday 28th of November 2020 10:33:01 AM

The last stanza is really awesome.A human with manifestation only,can write that...keep it up..In a whole,goood observation


William Dawson

Monday 24th of August 2020 02:16:12 PM

This article of the mythology is really fantastic.


Ketan Makharia

Monday 3rd of August 2020 05:54:36 PM

The content is truly spiritual and quite impressive. It reflects the real dimension of GOD.


Swapnil Mukherjee

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