Knowledge is Everything

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Customers will consistently gauge whether you have knowledge in the product you are trying to sell. Product knowledge will show the customer that they can trust you and the product. When you understand the features of your products, you will be able to persuade the customer in a confident and enthusiastic way. Your in-depth knowledge will show your customers that you trust and value your product, so it will be easier for them to trust it as well. Customers respond better to salespeople who are enthusiastic and passionate about their products.

Knowledge is power

There is, however, more to product knowledge than

just “knowledge”. Understanding your product is just as important, if not more important in the sales process. The difference between product knowledge and product understanding is that ‘knowledge’ is the facts and figures, while ‘understanding’ is about realizing how those facts and figures affect the customer. Having the knowledge and understanding of your product will help you to sell other benefits to the customer and help influence their sales decision.

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