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Are you your own customer? Nothing says you trust and believe in your product as much as your willingness to buy and use your own product. It does happen that salespeople sell products that they can’t use or afford, but in general, if you can prove to your customer that you trust the product because you use the product yourself, you will get better buy-in from them.


The best way to sell a product is to be an advertisement.


To be honest and transparent with your customers, you have to believe in your product so much that you won’t buy any other

product. If you want to promote your product as the best in its class, then you should personally use it as well.


When you buy your own products, you get first-hand experience of the customer service you receive and the value your company places on everything that you are trying to sell. You can quickly identify any faults in your marketing strategy, sales process, customer service, aftersales service, product quality and price. In identifying these faults early in the process, you can ensure that your other customers don’t experience similar issues when they buy from you. You can also better advise your customers on this process because you have knowledge and experience in going through the sales process.

Buying your own products also makes you a brand ambassador for your company. Large companies invest a lot of money to get famous people to become their brand ambassadors. If you think Nespresso, you think George Clooney, and if you think Nike, you think Tiger Woods. People trust a product more easily when they see other people endorse it, it gives them the sense of comfort that if other people are using it, then it should be a good product. Your role as a salesperson is as important as your role as a brand ambassador for your own products.   Using your own products shows that you trust your product. When you build trust with your customer, they will also trust your product, because they trust you. The best way to sell your product is to be a walking and talking advertisement of your product.

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