Mahabharata Continued (Part 2)

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After the marriage of Vichitravirya with Ambika and Ambalika, Vichitravirya suffered from a disease and died after few days.

Now who would succeed the throne of Hastinapur? Satyavati offered Bhishma to help in producing child to continue their hierarchy. But he refused as he had promised earlier to perform celibacy. Then she called Vyasa dev to produce son in Ambika and Ambalika’s worm. Vyasa produced children in their worm. Then after few months Ambika gave birth to a blind child and named him Dhritarashtra. And Ambalika gave birth to a pale child and named him Pandu.

 Satyavati was upset with the blind

born child and again requested Vyasa dev to produce a child in Ambika’s worm. But Ambika instead of going there herself in front of Vyasa dev sent her maid. As a result her maid gave birth to a son and named him Vidur. Later Vidur turned into a very wise man and became a great spiritual personality.

After Dhritarashtra’s birth the family was bit upset because of his blindness. Dhritarashtra was trained and became a powerful warrior. Despite of his strength he was unable to become king for his blindness. Dhritarashtra married Gandhari. She was so much dedicated towards her husband Dhritarashtra that she decided to tie her eyes with a piece cloth in her entire life so that she may feel the pain that her husband feels.

Pandu his younger brother was given the charge of kingdom and made the king. Pandu marries two princess Kunti and Madri.

When Kunti was adolescent, one day she called out God Sun. When God Sun came to her, see freaked out. Both of them could not resist themselves and indulged themselves in sensual pleasure. Kunti became pregnant. Kunti feared that being an unmarried girl her pregnancy will not be accepted within her family and society. She asked God Sun to help her. God Sun delivered that baby from her ears. That boy was named Karna. Kunti kept Karna within a basket and immersed the basket in river. One family of soldier saved that floating boy and raised him as their son.

Dhritarashtra and Gandhari gave birth to 100 sons and 1 daughter.

One day Gandhari, during her pregnancy, felt immense pain in her abdomen. She asked her caretaker to help her. One rod was inserted into her abdomen to give her relief. One big flesh came out upon the insertion of the rod. That flesh was divided into hundred pieces and kept into a safe cool place. Later after few months one hundred boys took birth from those fleshes. The 100 sons of Gandhari were known as Kaurav. Duriyadhan was the eldest brother among Kauravs’.

Pandu’s elder queen Kunti, however, had been given a boon by Sage Durvasa that she could call any god using a special mantra. Kunti used that boon to ask Dharma the God of Justice, Vayu the God of the Wind, and Indra the lord of the heavens for sons. She gave birth to three sons, Yudhishthir, Bhim, and Arjun, through these Gods. Kunti shares her mantra with the younger queen Madri, who gave birth to two twins Nakul and Sahadev.

One day, when Pandu went to a forest and he was relaxing there. He heard a roaring sound of a wild animal. He shoots an arrow in the direction of the sound in order to kill that wild animal. However the arrow hits the sage Kindama, who curses him that if, he engages in a sexual act, he will die. However, Pandu and Madri indulged in sexual activity and Pandu dies thereafter. Madri Commits Sati (i.e. burnt herself in fire) out of remorse. Kunti raises the five brothers, who were usually called to as the Pandav brothers. After Pandu’s death, Dhritarashtra ruled the kingdom of Hastinapur thereafter, despite of his blindness.

Dhritarashtra not only finely performed his duty as king but very well looked after his subjects in his kingdom. He had paid equal attention towards his family and especially to those 105 children (both Kauravs and Pandavs). He appointed kripachariya as their teacher. Kripachariya taught them – how every arms and weapons are to be used. He taught them the art of war and other moral values.

It is always believed that an ideal teacher not only teaches but also investigates the students that they have understood or not.

Kripachariya after teaching them took tests or exams and organize competition. But in every tests or competition it was the five Pandavs who always secured good marks or win the competition. Obviously they used to get rewards and praises from Kripachariya for their hard work, dedication, positive thinking, respect for teacher and elders, and practice. Every time these five Pandavs get rewards and praises, the 100 Kauravs used to feel jealous. They wanted to harm Pandav and defeat them by any means. Their thought was always negative.

During their adolescent, Bhim was becoming expert in the martial art on how to strategically operate Gada (i.e. mace). He was performing well in competition. Duriyadhan was very jealous and he wanted to defeat him by hook or by crook. They all went to take bath in river.  Duriyadhan got one opportunity. He took a sweet and mixed a sleeping pill in it. He offered that sweet to Bhim. Bhim ate the sweet and became unconscious while bathing. Duriyadhan picked Bhim in his arms and thrown him in the river water.


Duriyadhan did not want his competitor to survive. But Vashuki who was one of the relatives of Pandavs got to see Bhim in the river water. Looking at the bad condition of Bhim, he rescued him and treated him. Bhim at last survived luckily. Every 104 brothers came back home after bath but Bhim was missing. His mother Kunti was very much tensed. But during evening Bhim came home. After coming back home he told what happened to him. Everybody was able to understand the ill intention of Duriyadhan. But his parents remained mum after knowing the whole incident. His parents could understand everything but they have pretended like deaf and dump. They did not even scold him for such an ill act rather Dhritarashtra changed their teacher. He appointed Dronacharaya as their new teacher. The teacher was changed but the students and their actions remained same. The new teacher also found that the Pandavs were much talented and hardworking.

Not only during childhood and adolescent period but when the Kaurav and Pandavs grew up, they had a cold war between them. The legacy of their childhood enmity was still continued. After the Entry of the Kauravs’ maternal Uncle Shakuni, the enmity between Kaurav and Pandav added new flavor. The colour of their enmity became denser. When all the children grew up Yudhishthira was made the crown price of Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra wanted his own son Duriyadhan to become king but under the immense pressure from his kingdom Yudhishthira was assigned to the throne.

Kauravs then wanted to finish all the members of Pandav strategically. Shakuni whose sole aim was to finish the Kuru dynasty made an intelligent plan to finish Pandavs at first. Shakuni, Duriyadhan and his other two bothers Duhsasan and Kama consulted with one another and they made evil conspiracy. They called an architect to built one palace in the outskirts of their town. They instructed the architect to build the house with inflammable substances like lac, leather, coating of ghee, wax etc, so that house could be burnt easily. Their plan was to send all the five bothers of Pandavs along with their mother, and during their stay in the palace, Kaurav will set fire and all the five brothers along with their mother will burnt down to death. As per their plan they were successful to send them to that palace. Pandavs came into the words of Kauravs and they had to go there. They reached the palace. They were amazed to see its beauty. It was a three storied palace and was well architected. The outer wall contains modern abstract design and in some wall the mythological character was portrayed. The palace was faded yellowish in colour. During sunshine it looked like as if the palace was built with gold. If it would have remained today we could have seen the magnificent work of our artists in Great India. One day during their stay, Kaurav as per their plan had given the charge to a clerk to burn down the whole palace.

Next day a bad news came. Some of the officials of the kingdom went to enquire and found six burnt dead bodies. The clerk was also burnt death. With their more enquiries it was found that five dead bodies were of young men and one female dead body probably the mother. It brought sadness to the Whole kingdom. Everybody cried ‘O oh Yudhishthir! O Bhim! O Arjun! O the twin brothers Nakul and Sahadev! O the mother Kunti! Duriyadhan performed the funeral and other rites. Kauravs had shown the whole kingdom that they were in deep remorse, but actually they were extremely happy. Everything got ended…..Then? Click here to Read more

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