Mahabharata Still Continued (Part 3)

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In the Land of Cannibals…

Every happiness does not last long! That secret news will definitely make Duriyadhan the saddest person of the world. When they were planning the evil conspiracy Vidur heard about their plan. Vidur was sure that Duriyadhan is going to destroy Pandav and remove from his life. Vidur sent a messenger. The messenger reached the palace and told Pandavs about the evil conspiracy and plan of Kaurav. The Pandavs decided to alight the palace on their own and leave from the place. On the pre fixed date the clerk entered into the place with the motive to

alight the house but it was the Yudhishthira, who took a match stick alighted the house and went away. When Vidur sent the messenger, the five brothers then quickly decided how to escape. Being the King of Kuru Dynasty they themselves dug a tunnel by doing handwork. The tunnel was dug in such a way that they could reach up to a safe place and if possible they can hide inside the tunnel.

Then those six dead bodies?

During that night a women with his five children took shelter in a part of that palace. They didn’t knew anything. During setting fire Pandav thought the palace might be empty and they have set the fire. In that fire the mother with his five children and the clerk was burnt. During enquiry, the people of kingdom thought the five Pandav and their mother were burnt.

Pandavs are safe now. They uttered “Yes we got the victory.” They were happy. But whose victory and happiness do not remain for lifetime. Every moment there is a new problem in the life cycle of human being.

Pandav thought that Duriyadhan would try to harm them again, if they return back to their kingdom. They decided to hide and stay in exile for some period. They started travelling. Their mother Kunti said, “I am unable to walk more and I am too much thirsty. Please give me some drops of water.”

Listening to this Bhima picked his mother in his body and started walking. Arjun went to fetch water and she drunk to quench her thirst. She was so much thirsty that while drinking, she felt she was drinking something most tasty in the world.

They had reached a barren land and were unable to decide where to go. These five brothers walked a little bit and at every moment they were turning back and watching whether they are followed by someone. Whether, Duriyadhan made some other conspiracy to backstab them or not? They were also not sure that the clerk whom Duriyadhan appointed was dead or alive. May be, the clerk follow them quietly.

Gradually the night was becoming darker. They saw a river and few boats are still roaming.

“It is the river Ganaga” Yudhishthira said.

They took a boat and speedily reached the opposite bank, with the help of the strength of boatman’s arm, the rapidity of river’s current and motion of wind. They feared the conspiracy and evil ideas of Duriyadhan. Thus they wanted to go in such path where nobody could trace them. They chose the uneven path and entered into an unknown dense forest. They feared, had they lost their path? Will they able to find their way and return to their kingdom?

But now there is no option for them at this dark night. They have to wait till the light comes into the sky. A small lonely stream has passed between the dense forests. By the side of that lovely stream, they set their amateur tent. They took out few things they have brought with them from the palace and set their tent. Everybody was tired. The four brothers and their mother slept except Bhim. Bhim took the duty to guard his brothers and mother.

Are they safe in this dense forest? Do they know this forest was not just a forest? Here not only animals dwell but it is the land of Cannibals (human who eat human flesh). For generation after generation a group of indigenous people who have lived in this forest are cannibals. They are uncivilized, uncultured and most of them are wild and evil in nature. It’s a small forest with less population. They have a king who rules them. After the demise of their former ruler, his son took over the charge. Hidim is now the official king. But he is not a king like his father. His father was sensitive and sympathetic towards the people of his forest kingdom. Hidim was a cruel dictator. He used the people of his own kingdom as food. Every day each family had to sacrifice their member. These tribal cannibals usually depend upon human flesh but they never eat their flesh of their own tribal community. It is a sinful task to eat flesh of one’s race. But Hidim in order to satisfy his hunger and taste eats the flesh and blood of their own community people. The people of their kingdom lived in a unknown fear and trauma.

Hidimba his only sister never like the ill habit of her brother. But she could not resist her brother because of his high volt anger. Every people of this tribal kingdom have termed their brutal king as ‘Demon’. Hidimba also support his name from inside. She could never promptly or openly oppose his brother for his dominating behavior. She always compares his father’s behavior with his brother and could never tolerate. But there is no option to leave her brother. After the death of her parent’s, her brother is only her guardian in this dense wildly kingdom. 

Like every night Hidim and his sister Hidimba is out to find flesh to meet their hunger. The whole dense forest was asleep.

“Oh! What a pleasant surprise, our God has sent them” Hidim uttered softly.

 From a distance Hidim saw a tent where few people were sleeping and one man was sitting outside the tent.

Hidim told his sister Hidimba, “Our today’s food is ready. Go and hunt those sleepy humans. Roast them well after hunting and serve me a delicious dish.”

Hidimba said, “Okay brother.”

Hidim asked, “Will you be able to hunt all of those foods alone?”

Hidimba said, “Yes brother! You don’t worry. You can go home and relax. Your food will be ready”

Hidim is indeed tired today. He needs some rest. He gave the task to his sister and went back to his kingly cottage.

Hidimba very softly proceeded to hunt those succulent human. Before any hunting, one must observe it very well then should make a quick plan and strategy to raid. With that motive Hidimba from a nearby tree observed them very well. There were four men sleeping inside the tent with an aged woman and outside the tent an invincible man was roaming.

Looking at the gaga body of Bhim, something started happening to cannibal girl’s heart. She had never experienced such feeling ever before. She started whispering into her own mind, “Ohh! What a man. This man’s hue is like a heated gold and his mighty arms, those biceps.. His broad shoulders are as lion.. Oh! So impressive, and his neck marked with three lines like conch-sell and eyes like lotus petals. His appealing body with trimmed beard is looking more loveable.”

 Bhim was wrapped with a piece of white linen cloth and khadi dhoti.

Hidimba went on looking at Bhim. There was a light feeling in her body and heart. She was quite enjoying those feelings. The hunting weapon suddenly dropped from her hand. She touched her lip out of those delightful feeling to feel more, and imagined…

She internally fell in love with Bhim. She thought him as her husband in her mind. Bhim occupied a large area in the inner core of her heart. She can’t wait much. Her heart was becoming lustful and fluttering highly. She went to approach him. But a sub conscious mind gave her a warning. She left the place quickly.

After few minutes she appeared with a perfect dress. She went to her cottage to change her tribal attire. She tried to dress like a civilized girl but was failed with her attempt. Her makeup she did was not properly puffed.   

Her heart was beating fast due of lack of confidence. She gained a little bit confidence and went to Bhim. Bhim was amazed to see a girl near him. Bhim expected that, may be any wild beast might attack him, but he has not thought, he would see a girl in this dense forest at night. Hidimba approached Bhim and said, “I lov u.”

She told very fast in their tribal language.

Bhim was unable to understand and said, “Aae! What?”

Hidimba said, “Oh! You didn’t understand. If I tell you something.. Will you mind?”

Bhim said, “Ah! You are free to tell me anything.” And laughed…

Hidimba said, “See I am a from a cannibal tribe. My brother who is a cruel king in this forest has ordered me to kill you all and make his tasty food with your flesh… But as I saw you, my heart fell in love with you. I love you. I have thought you as my husband and have decided to marry you. Please marry me.”

Hidimba looked at Bhim’s face and continued telling, “After our marriage we will go to that hill (see pointed her finger in left direction). Can you see? Nobody resides there. We will form our own kingdom. We will be happy with our family.”

Bhim said, “Do you know who I am? I am Bhimsen of Kuru Dynasty. I am a son of king. How can you think I would marry you? You are bloody brutish cannibal. I can well understand that, this is your strategy. You have made this strategy to soften my heart. And when I will give you my consent of marriage…You will raid on me and kill me.”


Hidimba cried, “No… No… My dear I really love you from the bottom of my heart. Trust me.”

Bhim angrily said, “You are a cannibal how can I even think of marring you. You eat human flesh! Are you are insane or demon? I can never marry this human eater. Uhh!”

Hidimba said, “It’s true we eat human flesh for our survival but it does not mean I have don’t have a heart. Like every human being I also have emotions.”

Bhim was unable to think of marriage with this cannibal. He started abusing her in every possible way. Her eyes were filled with drops of tears. She again repeated, “Will you marry me?”

Hidim was quietly sitting and relaxing in his cottage. He thought, “Why Hidimba is taking much time? Where is she? Where is my food?”

He came out from his cottage to search Hidimba. He reached near the steam and saw Bhim was abusing his sister and his sister was saying that she want to marry Bhim.

He was unable to tolerate that conversation anymore and screamed loudly in a strange voice. He was unable to accept his sister’s insult.

At first he hold his sister’s hand firmly and jerked her body in order to pull her towards himself. He used some vulgar words to scold her. He threatens her for proposing Bhim. And then he wanted to kill Bhim. He wanted to take revenge for his sister’s insult.

If he kills Bhim it will be a good food for him as well. He hold Bhim’s arm with his hard hands and licked his lips with his tongue as if he will be getting a good food to eat. He could not resist his taste.

Hidim wanted to hold Bhim and throw him harshly. But Bhim with his powerful body gave him a jerk and Hidim himself was moved. He was shocked to feel Bhim’s strength. Then Hidim applied his strength again to hurt Bhim. But Bhim was not a simple person. He was powerful, brave and intelligent. Hidim wanted to attack him with the aim of killing him and every time there was a counter attack from opposite side. Hidim tried every possible way to kill him.

The fight took hours. And at last Bhim took out his mace and gave a heavy blow in Hidim’s face. Hidim’s body could not resist that hard strike on his face. He immediately fell down. The bed blood started coming out from his mouth.

His heart was unable to breathe properly. He took a deep breath. And that was his last breath.

Everything was over within few hours.

Hidimba sat down and cried for his brother. The news of Hidim’s death was spread in the dense forest kingdom and tribal people were immensely happy. Hidimba was also happy to see a destruction of an evil king.

But after all he was his brother and his guardian. Hidimba completed his brother’s funeral ceremony and came to Bhim.

She said, “Bhim you have killed my Brother who was my only guardian in this lonely forest. Now where I will go? What shall I do?”

Hidimba moved towards the tent and told Kunti, “I think you are Bhim’s mother.”

She told everything and questioned her, “You tell me what I shall do now? A parentless girl is all alone. Where I will go? I want to marry your son Bhim.”

Kunti called Bhim and asked him to marry her. But she gave a condition to Hidimba. She told, “Hidimba when we will return to our kingdom you will unable to accompany us. You are born and brought up in a cannibal tribe, you will unable to accustom with our civilized kingdom. People of our kingdom will not accept cannibal princess.” 

Hidimba promised, “Mother I promise you. I will never go in your kingdom nor will I demand ever to go.”

Bhim was not ready. He refused to marry. But he cannot disrespect his mother’s order. He married Hidimba. He started staying with her in a tribal kingly cottage made up of woods. The cottage was interiorly decorated with tribal arts and paintings. Bhim decided to stay for one year. Bhim’s heart was absorbed with Hidimba’s good behavior, her polite attitude, beauty and her cuteness. He started feeling something for her. Is that love or something else that was misty for him to understand…?

That was a dark night Bhim and Hidimba both hold their body passionately and firmly. They hugged each other and then a carnal union…..

That love is going to produce happiness to this couple. Hidimba is fighting with her labour pain but that pain turned into full happiness when their child took birth. The child was born without any hair in his head. He was bald headed. Seeing this Bhim and Hidimba named him Ghatotkach. The name literally mean ‘pot headed’.

After Ghatotkach’s birth, Bhim as per his mother’s instruction came back to Hastinapur.

What happened next?

The next story will be narrated by sage Suta…

Let’s begin our journey of reading the story of the ‘Bahubali of Mahabharat’.

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