Mayo Corn Recipe

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Moyo corn is also an easy recipe and quite similar to Sour corn. It is one of the alternative of Sour corn recipe. It is going to be the easiest recipe to start in instant pot. It is quite healthier and saves great amount of time and is quite tasty. This new recipe is growing popularity in America. And it is tasty because of the taste of mayonnaise.  


Time required –

Cooking time – 4-5 minutes.

Serving – 1 minute.


Benefit for health –

Corn is a low-fat complex carbohydrate. It is quite healthy to consume. This popular food is high in fiber. In fact, it’s

notoriously hard to digest. Apart from aiding weight loss, it provides the necessary calories for daily metabolism and even though it is deficient in essential amino acid lysine, it is a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B, C and other minerals.

Mayonnaise has Lots of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat-  soluble.This means that they need fat to be absorbed and make sure you get all the goodness out of them.Being both high in good fat and vitamin E means that eating mayonnaise in moderation can help you take in all of these important nutrients.


Ingredients –

2-3 Corns.

1 – 2 tablespoon of Mayonnaise.

(Use ready-made packed Mayonnaise paste or Mayonnaise power available in market).


Procedure to cook –


Put the two to three corns in the instant pot. Set the pot in manual. Choose the option manual from the options present in the pot. Boil the corns for four to five minutes. Open the pot and take that out.

Apply Mayonnaise paste or Mayonnaise power over the boiled corns. Apply mayonnaise as per your taste. Do not add to much.


Ummm! Your Mayo corn is ready to taste. It’s tasty, it’s healthy!

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William Dawson

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I will try this amazing recipe today only.


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