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Drink healthy

Who says healthy eating, said also drink healthy!

Because it is useless to eat the right foods if you do not have the appropriate patent.

It is estimated that people swallow an additional 200 calories per day, just in their drinks (hello? Sodas?!). So we get used to drinking water, herbal teas, tea, sugar-free coffee, and we forget sodas, yes, even with fake sugar that will only preserve your unreasonable taste for the sugar.

Eat a variety

Diets are repetitive and lead straight on the road to boredom? So the key is variety.

Be curious, vary the pleasures, the food, and the

colors.  Color your plate of fruits and vegetables which are excellent antioxidants, consume” good fats seeds and oil seeds such as almonds, whole grains. “

Maintain physical activity

An active lifestyle is essential for health (and not only at the heart level). The World Health Organization recommends that you walk at least 6,000 steps per day in a dynamic manner, in particular to regulate the blood sugar level.

If you have a job where you mainly sit, then discipline yourself: 15 min of exercise in the morning, get up and go for a walk every 2 hours during the day, walk before going home or go walk the dog, and practice a sport ideally twice a week.

You Are What You Eat

Keep in the back of your mind that everything you eat will eventually show up. Do you eat healthy? You will look good, display a more beautiful line, you will feel better in your sneakers.

Can’t live without cheese, soda, sweets? Think about the repercussions to assess if it’s really worth it.

Say stop to the yo-yo effect

We know it, when we want to lose weight, it’s always the same thing: we make efforts then we crack, and bam! It is left for new efforts etc. etc.

Studies show that the people who lose weight the most sustainably are those who have managed to adopt a healthy diet by starting with small changes. So, instead of giving up on chocolate completely, make sure you don’t overuse other things so that you can preserve that little treat. Also learn to limit yourself to a few squares of dark chocolate rather than devouring a plate of super sweet milk chocolate.

Take your time

By taking the time to eat, calmly, seated and without being distracted by a third activity, it promotes awareness of one’s satiety. It also underpins eating relatively slowly (and taking the time to chew, which is very beneficial for good digestion), in order to allow the body time to understand when it is no longer hungry.

It is estimated that before twenty minutes, it is not possible to capture your level of satiety, so you swallow anything anyway more easily.  

Getting into running

Running is one of those sports that promote weight loss, even if you run slowly. What if you signed up for a race to motivate yourself?

Stop the cigarette!

Yes, it is common sense but it should be reiterated that even if tobacco acts as an appetite suppressant and nicotine, as a metabolic stimulant, this is no excuse. The effects of cigarettes mask bad eating habits and kill effectively (because it is not exclusively the lungs which therefore suffer).

In addition, smoking and poor diet are both linked to emotional triggers, so it would be really beneficial to act on these two levers.

Swap sweets for oil seeds

We all know that nuts, almonds, pistachios … make a great healthy snack. Pistachio producers say that 37 pistachios (unsalted) have less than 100 calories! In addition, nuts such as almonds are rich in fiber, which promotes satiety between meals.

Eat when you are really hungry

Just as you should not starve yourself under the pretext of feeling guilty when you want to lose weight, you must know how to listen to your hunger. Her hunger has been said, not her desires, nor her impulses.

And identifying your hunger often requires real changes in the way you approach meals: eat consciously, slowly, chew.

If when meal time arrives, you really aren’t hungry, don’t force yourself. Prefer lunch at 1:30 p.m. normally than swallowing a meal that would be too light at noon, because then you are not hungry! Because it is guaranteed to crack at the end of the afternoon.

Cheat (but only on your diet eh?!)

Just replace some of your favorite ingredients:

  • Less salt, more spices
  • Less butter, but avocado or oil seed mash instead
  • Replace the grated cheese on the pasta with grated zucchini and olive oil
  • Bet on dark chocolate (approach 100% cocoa, just for the taste) instead of milk chocolate
  • Put yogurt instead of cream when possible
  • Abuse spices: cinnamon, turmeric, cumin … excellent for health and taste
  • Use chopped garlic to boost metabolism and lower cholesterol

Write everything you eat

Taking note of everything that goes in your mouth is a (horrible) but effective way to better control your diet. So you quickly distinguish good things from bad in your diet. A great way to “shock” yourself and encourage yourself to eat healthier.

And it also serves to enhance and congratulate yourself when you improve the content of your plate.

Set a goal

This is not to say here: in 15 days, I lost 50 pounds!

But rather to set goals, small goals to achieve, to change your functioning step by step. You start with 5 fruits and vegetables a day (not the super sweet smoothie does not count), then you do 10 minutes of gym once every two days, then you walk rather than taking the bus for two stops, then you salt less, you drink less often, etc.


Your little personal challenges in short.

Added to each other, they will lead you straight to weight loss and a better lifestyle.

Eat more often at home

Unless you are super strong and can resist multiple temptations, when you go out to dinner, it is rare to choose the healthiest dishes, to ignore the wine and to deprive of dessert. In addition, the quality of the food we eat is absolutely not guaranteed and we quickly eat too sweet, too fatty & too salty.

Likewise when you are invited, you must learn not to nibble as an aperitif, to drink water when necessary. Not easy! So the best way to put the slider for better eating back in the center, is at least to eat most often at home, in order to prepare your menu knowingly. And if you don’t want to let go of your social life: invite!

As for meals during the work week, prepare two parts when you cook something good, so take the leftovers to warm up at the office.

Reconsider its approach to food

Be careful not to demonize food, so as not to get frustrated and … one day crack stupidly! No, look at your menus, your diet above all as a fuel necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Do not sulk the pleasure but try to tame your indulgence.

In other words, do you like pastries? Rather than falling for industrial cupcakes and ultimately not so good cakes, become more demanding. Eat less often but better!

Give yourself a goal: no cake on weekdays but on a Saturday from time to time, I will buy myself a snack at the super pastry shop in my city.

Controlled portions

The idea here is not to frustrate you by forcing you to eat less, but rather to know how to identify your needs so as not to eat more than reason. Because the more we eat, the more our stomach distends and prepares to receive more and more food.

It is often recommended during a full meal to fill your plate: from a third to a half of raw and cooked vegetables, and if you like legumes, make sure to mix with green vegetables, tomatoes, carrots … Then, a third of complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice, sweet potato, and a third of protein (and not necessarily meat).

We can then modulate with legumes instead of animal proteins, wakame algae instead of green beans, etc.

A different social life

Rather than always meeting your friends around a cocktail or a raclette, offer them other activities. A bike ride with a picnic, a fitness session with friends, an exhibition with guided tour, a tea tasting workshop.

Having meals delivered to measure

When you are too lazy to cook and you do not want to eat anyhow, there is a solution: have meals delivered dietically correct. But beware, this service has a cost.

And cooking can teach us to include better eating in a new lifestyle and not in a passing rigor.

Let’s take a walk!

We all know that 30 minutes of exercise daily is beneficial, if not necessary.

A small amount of daily walking, in addition to the energy expenditure, promoted the feeling of fullness and the decrease in appetite, and this, as much as a light meal. 

Moving the right way

Did you know that running for an hour on the mat is considered three times less effective than doing 15 minutes of HIIT to build muscle? In addition, endurance promotes weight loss. So who to believe?

In fact, to practice the best sport possible, it would be necessary to mix endurance and intensity (like bodybuilding or cross fit for example). A life of discipline that increasingly follow high level athletes.

No, a fruit juice is not a portion of fruit!

Often people think that drinking fruit juice is a great way to get one of the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This is not entirely true.

Indeed, we lose the beneficial effects of fiber and increase the glycemic index with the crushed fruit rather than whole. Not to mention that many fruit juices contain added sugars or consist of fruit concentrate (the fruit is sweet, concentrated dose is increased glycemic load).

So cut your orange into quarters, and bite into the toothy pulp. In addition, the satiating effect will only be better. Because to make a large glass of orange juice, you will need several fruits while eating them directly, usually an orange is enough. 

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Tips for eating good

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