Feeling Blue

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Feeling Blue

Mari Hirschmann

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To fans of blues musicians such as Lightning Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf, Big Mama Thorton, and Jonny Lang.



Thanks to my readers. You know who you are.


Feeling Blue

When I’m all alone you come into my mind. How I miss you! You always knew exactly how to make me feel good. Those dark days when the blues hit me so hard never have a chance to take hold when you are with me.
The song ‘Cherry Red Wine’ by Jonny Lang was playing. The music swelled until it completely encompassed me. I twirled around the room in a dreamy dance like we used to do in better days.
Your arms wrapped around me gives me strength to face the challenges. The sweet whispers of love make me feel so good. How can I survive without you in my life?
‘Cherry Wine’ gave way to ‘Broken Hearted Blues’ by Lightning Hopkins. Very fitting of my current mood.


When I’m down, nobody understands except you Robert, you alone can make the darkness go away. The sun chases rainy skies far into the horizon, bringing brightness into my life.

You understand me so totally I can’t imagine life without you. When midnight shadows come tumbling down around me, Michael, you alone make the angels fly by my side. You hold me in your arms, and everything is alright. I know then I can make it through my darkest hours.

Michael, your music keeps me sheltered from the howling winds. Your love makes me feel refreshed and new.

All that doesn’t matter anymore. You are gone. Never to return. The only emotion I have left in me is blue. Yes, I’m feeling blue right down into my soul. You have flown to be with the angels, or the devil as it might be more fitting, leaving me alone. So terribly lonely.

The final song on the stereo was ‘Hound Dog’ by Big Mama Thorton. It matched you perfectly. Even though I loved you dearly, you aren’t nothing…just a hound dog sniffing around skanky women.

If I can’t keep you I wish you had left me with something I can hold onto. Our love will never end. I just want to hold you again. I want to feel your lips upon mine. I hoped you would lie to me. I wanted so badly to hear everything is okay and you would never leave me. It wasn’t to be. If only you had lied to me, made me believe you were mine to keep.

Oh why, Michael? Why did you make me kill you? Why did I have to pull the trigger as you walked in the door? Now, I have nothing. I am left feeling blue.

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Heart touching!

Sumangala Kadi

Tuesday 6th of October 2020 09:14:03 PM

The ending is bewildering making one confused about what would have happened between the two lovers.


Jinang Dangkat

Tuesday 6th of October 2020 06:35:45 AM

I love feeling blue


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