Commitment and Consistency

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We would like to believe that we are diverse in our many choices throughout life. However, we also have a comfort zone. When we are hounded with different choices, we may want to stick with what we know to make it easier, and because the unknown is much more feared. So if you want to persuade someone, you should commit. You may do this by having a brand that a person will recognize whenever they need something. One way you can keep someone is to ask them to do something small first, and once they’ve bought your product, reward them

with loyalty deals. We all know of loyalty programs. It’s a good way to keep the customer coming back. You want to sound like a friend, not some stranger or someone that is trying to sell someone. You should never outright tell someone that you care, or that they should trust you. Because here’s the thing, it sounds fake. Instead, you convey this with tone.

With the tonality, you can essentially do the following:  – Show that you’re trustworthy  –  Show that you have the best interests at heart  – Show that you care to them  – Show the empathy at hand  – Show that you have a secret and something scarce – Show that you’re certain of what you’re selling or whatever  – Show that you can be trusted.

Remember, with the six elements of persuasion, all of what you do here fits into that. One of them especially is scarcity. You want to show them that it’s something that you want to give to them, and something that few possess. It’s important to remember this because scarcity builds interest, and you should make sure that you bring that forward.

Avoid Personal Interests Often, those that are selling use the wrong tactic, that tactic being talking about interests and hobbies. This is kind of a hard one for some, but that’s because people believe that they should do this to generate rapport, because hey, interests are important. Think about it, if you’re going to try to sell someone on something, and they deter you, and you start to go off in that direction, that’s not going to be a good thing. That’s because, if you think about it, it doesn’t build trust.

Instead, you want to showcase that you’re an expert and someone who achieves the goals they have set for themselves. Remember, you want them to trust you, to take their money, and to show them that you’re the right one.

Learn To Persuade Effectively!

Persuasion is a bit of an art, and Being able to close sales, win others over, and make it successful is a huge part of this, and you as a persuader can effectively create the environment that you want to. With that being said, Persuading is a huge aspect of our lives, and sometimes, you need to work on yourself before you get into each of the aspects of persuasion, so you should try to work on yourself first before you get into the element of persuasion.

Assessing How Easy the Persuasion Will Be –

Start by getting a feel for how difficult it will be to win over your audience. Researchers have found several factors that influence how easy someone is to convince.

Group Membership –

If you’re a member of a group, you’re harder to convince on subjects that go against the aims of views of that group. The existence of the group and your loyalty to it tend to strengthen your resolve to stick with their version of the truth.


Low Self-Esteem –

People with low self-esteem are easier to convince. Perhaps this is because they value the opinions of others more than they do their own.

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