Buyer’s Needs

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With The Right Questions you can uncover buyer
needs and present Solutions and make it easy to
You need three things to do discovering, Let’s
Uncover The Info we need, Check it out :-
1-Listen actively and deeply.
2- Know when to ask which questions.
3-Have The Right Attitude.
Listen without Talking pay attention
2-ASKING 6 Questions and when you can ask.
1-Rapport building question
2-Problem Question
Ex : How would you describe the problem you are
trying to solve ?
: What challenges have you encountered in the
past while trying?

To solve this problem?
: If there’s a

current supplier what are your reason
for considering
An alternative?
3- Solution Questions
These question you present when problems clearly
A- What would an ideal solution look like for you?
B- What is your timeline for developing a solution?
C- What are qualities you need in a solution
4- Buying process questions :-
These questions makes you secure the sale,
1- Who besides yourself of course will be
involved in buying decision?
2- Can you let me know about your decision
making process?
3- What additional information you will need
in order to make your decision?
5-Budget questions:-
1- Do you have budget in mind for this project?
2- What will happen if the available budget is
not enough to fully implement the desire

3- Are there other sources of founding that
could be explored if necessary?
6-Deep Probing questions:-

1- Can you tell me more about that?
2- What does that matter to you and your
3- How did that impact you?
Having the right attitude build trust
uncovering wants and needs keep the conversation
smooth and comfortable always leave positive
Ask Great questions then shut up and pay attention,
your most important job as sales rep is not to pushing
your product, its gaining a thorough understanding
needs and goals of your customers.
When you understand what he or she needs present
your solution as their end result to the needs and

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