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Over the years I have seen 2 basic philosophies
relating to sales; the sales approach and the buying
Sales Process
The Natural Evolution of a Sale
Selling is a process which has a natural flow with a
beginning, middle, and end. Sellers who ignore the
natural evolution of a sale and engage in the wrong
sales behavior at the wrong time won’t reach their full
potential. For example, if sellers immediately jump
from prospecting to closing, they will miss vital
selling steps such as discovering critical needs,
identifying problems, and building value prior to a
presentation or negotiation and

that drive to lose the
interest of the customers.
There are four steps in the sales cycle Process:

1. Prospecting  2. Investigating  3. Presenting  4. Closing

Each stage of the sales cycle has its own sub-stages
and accompanying selling steps and behaviors. For
example, the prospecting stage focuses on lead
generation activities, referrals, cold calling,
qualifying, client introductions, and initial
appointments. Even though each selling stage
requires specific skills to address the issues at hand,
the objective of each stage of the sales cycle is the
same: advancing the sale to the next stage of the sales
cycle. Keep in mind that measured performance at
each stage is the only way to determine success.
Remember that you must get a green light in the
current section before you can progress to the next
step in the sales process. A red light means that the
journey or sale has stopped.

2- The Buying Process
The buying process is how the customer comes to a
buying decision. It comes down to 4 stages, known as

Gain the customer’s Attention
Raise the customers’ Interest
Develop the customer’s Desire
Facilitate the customer to take Action
The difference between the sales and buying

The first obvious point is that the 2 approaches are
focused on different people. The sales approach is
focused on the salesperson and on how you get the
client from one step to the next. The buying approach
is focused on the client and assisting them through
their buying process.
Clearly, the difference between the approaches relates
to terminology. The sales process concentrates on
’closing the sale’ whereas, the buying approach
concentrates on ‘gaining customer commitment’. I
personally dislike the ‘closing’ term as it tends to
Conjure bringing the process to an end. Most
successful salespeople do not ‘end’ the relationship
with an order but develop their businesses by
building long-term business relationships with their
clients. This may be psychological but it can make a
great difference to your approach to selling and the
It’s Your Choice to choose which method You Can use
to Master.

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