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Discipline requires adherence to laws regulating human conduct. A life without discipline is like a rudderless ship.

Discipline is to be -all and end-all of life. It does not mean a denial of human rights or a cabined and restricted life in iron cases. William Slim says, “It is only discipline that allows man to live in a society and yet preserves the freedom of the individual. “Without being disciplined, no one can prosper in this life. We already know the value of self-discipline, but do we really need it? We know about the tools of success, and we are acquainted

with many valuable resources that lead us to success, so why do we need self-discipline? There are many parts of our lives that we all have goals. Some of us want successful relationships, some like to get more money, others simply want happiness in their lives, and others with less weight seek better health. These are common goals and sometimes we fail or manage to achieve them. The general question is: Why are we struggling to achieve those goals? Why are we not making good of these goals? The general response is: Self-discipline fails. Success calls for time. It doesn’t happen immediately. What you are doing today will determine outcomes for your future. If you are changing your present you are changing your future. If you eat a lot of pizzas and good food today, you’re going to gain weight, and that’s going to show in your weight in the future. If you spend more money than you earn today, then in the future you’ll have less money.

Present steps determine future results.

 Self-discipline will manifest in your current life which will lead to your future. You can learn several tips and strategies for your goals, but you will never be successful in achieving them unless you take action for those goals. Swiftly, all of the goals require effort and continuity. Self-discipline will encourage you to get the effort and stability you need. You need self-discipline-among other skills-to eat less if you need to lose weight. When you want to make more money, you have to force yourself either to save more or to invest more. It takes time for one’s self-discipline and so is achievement. This is a matter of making certain compromises. Yeah, it also involves making some tough sacrifices. Why do we need something to suffer for? Why not just enjoy the moment and do what we ‘Love’ to do?

Obviously no one can push you to do something you really don’t want to do. We compromise, however, because in our lives we all have ideals and essential goals, and those ideals allow us to make a choice: either enjoyment or the goal. The two, in most situations, can’t be done at the same time. Life generally is filled with temptations, so many: We’ve got TVs, fantastic food, chocolates, video games and many more. These temptations make it more difficult for us to resist having more fun and therefore we neglect the more important goals in our lives. Not all of us aspire to have a slim figure, but almost all of the time we lose the target of a slim figure with these temptations around us. Almost all of us want to make more money but resisting this enjoyment is what is hard for us. We really do need self-discipline in these situations. This will encourage us to concentrate on and follow our goals until we attain success. With self-discipline we are able to exercise greater control over our immediate desires. It is the difference between that which you feel and that which you think. It’s the boundary between your brain and your heart. You may want to eat the pizza seen on a TV commercial, but because you have a weight loss goal, your self-discipline prevents you, and in this way it helps you to be effective in that goal. It’s a great resource for success and progress. Most experts personally claim it is difficult to achieve success without it. And my conclusion is “It’s impossible to achieve success without self-discipline” period.

Research shows that for business to thrive, entrepreneurs need to be self-disciplined. Studies show that high school performance is more related to high self-discipline than to high IQ level for students. I met a 21-year-old student who had completed high school with straight A’s. He went to the medical school, and dropped out for only one year. He had not completed his studies. He also declined counselling or coaching. His IQ was remarkably high at 154. He certainly did not need any coaching for how to study with his high intelligence. But he certainly needed the coaching to test for why. He actually did not want to learn and despite his intellect, he did not complete his studies. For learning he lacked self-discipline.

It is a mental habit compulsory to have for you to be successful.

Successful individuals had been mentally programmed for self- discipline. They use it immediately and naturally. This way, it is not just making a hard effort to apply it and use it frequently. We know there’s a trend and common laws to success. We also know that successful individuals only become successful by following such rules. Over several years, many scholars have researched successful people, and have written many rich and informative books about them. One top expert in this area, Brian Tracy, believes that the ability of self- discipline is one of the key skills you need to achieve success. You will know many laws of achievement, and you may have a map for your goals, but if you do not exercise self-discipline over your goals, this map will not work. It is a fact that 97 percent of people do not write their goals, and this alone is a major obstacle to success, but it is not enough simply to write the goals unless it is combined with self- discipline. For success it’s your practical map. It is the actual concrete actions you take that lead you to effectively translate your goals. Productive people have a high degree of self-discipline, and use it without suffering hardship. They see it as a form of independence rather than a hard effort or boring job to do. Independence from reliance on others, independence from procrastination and emancipation from self-limitations. It is what we need for all aspects  of our lives. It’s related to skills in time management. Using this you can manage your time better. It can contribute to self-esteem, self- confidence and self-satisfaction. You will also need it for spiritual growth, self-growth and meditation development. It is one big resource to achieve what you are capable of, your ability. Many people were born with high self-control. The majority of people, though, don’t have it, so they should know it. This learning can be in two ways: through conscious devices, meaning by daily exercises for some time, for a month or so. Or by unconscious devices such as hypnosis, which is more powerful and lasts longer. The person can acquire self-discipline in either method and will be able to fulfill his or her required tasks as necessary.

Battle Distractions

 Have you found yourself wondering where the day went at the end of the day? Do you ever worry about how much time you wasted on distractions? At the end of the night you probably wish you would go to bed feeling accomplished and good about yourself. Understanding how to conquer obstacles and complete your task will give you a better night’s sleep and make you feel the way you want to feel when you’re sitting on the pillow! We’re all distracted, whether it’s by phone, email or visitors, everyone has distractions. They can’t be avoided, sometimes they’re going to ruin our day. Avoiding them is the only way to combat distractions. Figure out what gets you most away from your job. Is it the Web? Then maybe it would work for you to get your work done in the morning and leave a set time to browse. Distracted by telephone calls? Perhaps permitting the phone to go to voice-mail wouldn’t hurt when you’re set to complete the task. When you have a fixed schedule for each day, the time and place for distractions would be easier to plan. They are going to happen. Don’t let us ruin our day. When you start realizing what distracts you, you’ll be more mindful that it’s an obstacle that will deter you from achieving your goals and more likely to set a better time for it, or overlook it entirely if it’s not worth your time. You’ll soon learn how to cross distractions in no time!

How to Avoid Distractions by Building Habits That Increase Your Focus

The definition of a distraction is something between you and your objectives. If it doesn’t get you back it drags you farther. As the saying goes: “If you want to overcome someone, annoy them.” so when you’re working alone, you can easily assume that a few minutes would not make a difference to make a fast call or open some mail. Then one thing leads to another, and if you are like me, you end up far away from where you wanted to be after an hour flew by. Often life goes fast-forward like a video screen running amok. Right now, I’m in one of those stages and it’s pushing me to become more disciplined and more alert to the ways I let myself be distracted. I’ve mastered the alternative of giving in to distractions. As I become aware of the little things I allow myself to take away from a given task, I see more clearly that any “allowance” is a choice. To say the truth, the only way potential distractions can be controlled is to control two things: your atmosphere and your own actions. You may choose to eliminate distractions, discovering or developing a work environment that helps you concentrate and that protects you from distractions, whether visual, sound or even smell.

Choose what works best for you

 Do you prefer a bit of background noise and greenery out of your window or are you happiest at working in a quiet cell-like environment? You can do best in a cyber café, or you prefer to do some tasks in different environments. I’m doing some of my best writing and dreaming about sitting on a bench in a park next door.

Creating an environment that keeps you focused is half the battle;

The other half decides to master your working habits. Would you have multitasking and switching from one job to another? If that’s the case, set a timer to help keep you focused on one job until it’s over. Then praise yourself, and reset it. You will be amazed at how much of a focused, productive work you can accomplish in two 50-minute sessions. Stay with the routine of setting a timer every day for two 50 minute intervals before it becomes a habit (about 21 days). More unless like a muscle, focused attention is something you can build with time and practice.


Distractions are no laughing matter

 Whether it’s on the golf court, the tennis courts, or in your home  office, those who concentrate win the game; in each case it’s a decision to hold the attention long enough to complete a job well. Anyone who wants to be productive must choose whether they will master their acts and emotions, or let their behaviors be influenced by outside influences. Sure, the decision to interfere with the goals by enabling distractions is nothing more than a pattern that can be improved by deciding to develop new habits. “Habit is destiny.” Improve your habits by creating fresh, “energy muscles” which will hold distractions away, and then watch your productivity soar.


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Avoid Distractions

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