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I wanna be very clear. Unlike Pre-Cheating emotional cheating is the exact same thing as cheating. Mentally and emotionally a man and his heart cheats on a woman before he does it in the physical form and this is why emotional cheating is the exact same thing as cheating. This is the chapter that will stir up the most controversy when it comes to men because as a man we think if it’s not in the physical form then it doesn’t count as “real cheating” but that’s very wrong, very wrong indeed. Emotionally before you say, I love you to someone you

first feel it from inside and it feels just as real even though it’s not in the physical form, only in the heart. And overtime and I’m referring to days not months that emotion in your heart grows until eventually it results in something happening physically. And that is exactly how love is developed, love is developed first in the heart emotionally so let’s now rewind it. Now if that’s the formula for how love is developed then what is the formula for how infidelity is developed?

You’re a smart woman. Yes, you’re correct the formula for how infidelity is developed is the exact same formula for how love is developed so let’s talk about this.

The same heart that says love you how can that same heart hurt you? It just doesn’t make any sense. Love with no respect isn’t a love. If a man says he loves you but doesn’t respect you then he doesn’t really loves you. Respect is most important than anything in the relationship. Respect and love goes hand in hand you cannot have one without the other. Emotional Cheating is when a man is sharing his heart with another woman. Now the thought of another woman sharing the same heart that he says love you how in the hell can he be OK with another woman having access to his emotions or giving access to his emotions about telling her all his business unless he secretly wants to sleep with her. There you go. Bingo you got it. Are you upset yet? Are you mad yet? If you are then you should be because now you know his deep dark secret. Now you know what he really wants to do. You’re getting cheated on and you don’t even know it’s because he’s cheating on you emotionally. This is the reason why the previous chapter was so important if he didn’t have female friends it would be impossible for him to be emotionally cheating with any woman. Now of course he could sneak and do it but once a man agrees to your terms of only having female so she is not friends then almost impossible for him to hurt you by emotionally cheating on you. The signs that a woman must look out for if she suspects her man is emotionally cheating on her is first when, the man doesn’t want to talk out any problems, if he is always quick to walk away from situations, if he doesn’t want to hear you out even though he know you’re hurting, if he is quick to break up with you for petty thinks, if he puts his hands on you, if he calls you out your name consistently having no respect for your emotions, if he’s content with having a lot of female friends or maybe that one long friend that he knew before you and that female is the female that he always go to after you both argue. If he’s comfortable speaking to her about everything that’s going on in the relationship, well these are all the beginning signs of emotional cheating. These are the signs that you as a woman must be very careful about. Bow at this point in a relationship, you probably already fell in love with him but if the steps are skipped. And I mean the friend-Talking-Dating steps, if those steps are scared then you don’t know who you are really with. And if that’s the case then you must leave because he’s not ever gonna only tell you that he wants to sleep with her and why would he and again as a woman your heart is the most important thing and you must protect it at all costs. You must protect your heart and going back to the “respect concept”. If he respects you, he’s not gonna be looking at other woman, he’s not going to be entertaining other woman on social media or in the malls, he’s not going to hurt you not because he’s perfect but because he respects you too much to see you hurt. The Bible says that the fear of the Lord will protect you. When God said that, God was not telling us that we should be afraid of him what he was saying that, the love we have for God should be so great that we wouldn’t want to offend his love and this is the reason why and this is the exact same thing in a relationship. A man’s respect for his woman should prevent him from wanting to upset the love that his woman has for him and if he does not respect her he’s not going to have any remorse or care about anything that he does to his woman but instead he will pretend and lie in her face. So please if you are in this situation do yourself a huge favor and leave.

Now I understand that statement might be easier said than done, especially if you are in a situation where you don’t have the strength to leave because you love him so much. And if that’s you then go and do me a huge favor and keep reading.

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