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My heart

My heart, my friend, my guide

My heart wishes big then I pursue

My heart is scattered

Across the world wherever I live

The god shaped my heart into

An ox-shield, to foil every foe

My mouth is mute

My heart is talkative

Is a walking stick

That leads me into prosperity

My heart is within darkness

Of my doubts

 It helps me not to react but to act

My heart is my Sheppard


me every step I take

Every move I made

My heart is untamed, my choice, my power

The reflection of my feelings


Life is never good to anybody

Is unfair

Destiny intervene with Pressing engagement

For one to be happy one have to be sad

The rich get richer

The poor get Poorer

Ever since we often say

Ho tla loka
But gulf stream flows forever in one Direction.

Life is unfair

Where to go is what to do

We live in tender age of ups and Downs

Having problems for every solution.

Life is a joke just begun.

Chaos is walking all over the world.

 People are being used

Things are being loved

Politically, majority votes

And minority rules

The world is grossly imbalanced

Political, economical, spiritual

My reality’s dream meant to distract me

Sickness reigns

War torn countries are all pawns.

Ignorance is not bliss

Life is unfair

Without you

Without you, my life is all stammer

Haunted down by non-existence tomorrow

Without you

I feel Guilty of sins that I haven’t Comment

Without you, I lingered over the choice

 But in The darkness of my doubts

 You lifted the lamp of love

And I saw the road that I should take

Without you my lover,

Without you my friend

I am like child with No toys.

Is like I have reached the Doorstep of hell

 I condemn myself to live on my tomorrows.

You are a lime of the forest

Honey among the rocks

A hip to be enclosed by one hand

Neither you nor I can plead excuses

The rosy of your affection

Extends beyond my projection

Sleep not on the sleeping wall

Come sleep on my chest

Why do you prefer the wall to my Human Chest?

I am near and fonder.


In the mist of my battle

In the darkness of my doubts

Eyes persuaded to be blind

I lingered over the choice

Yes instead of no, no instead of yes

My choice today determines my tomorrow

Commandment has been invented

’’thou shall live through the power of choice”

 When heart fought over feelings

 Life itself is important Dilemma.

 Within me, my inner person Speaks

You are who you are

Let the feet take you to the right path

Let the heart be your guide

Let the hands be merciful

Let the mind be convincing.

Eyes see right from wrong.

Choice is power, choice is right.


A matter of life and death

Why abortion when there is adoption

 Abortion is an the intrinsic element

Sort of human right

Abortion is the spilling of human blood

Spilling of an innocent unborn gift

Let us be fruitful and multiply abortion

Abortion ithatha ubomi bomtu


Killing within yourself

A culture in making

One of campaigning issues

Unborn life is trivialised, abortion

The reason for grave misgivings


Time is invisible is untouchable

Time come from within

Greatest mistry in daily life

Time differs from time to time

Time is a force of nature

Reason for life and death

Time yourself precisely

Sense time passing by

For there is past, present and future

Your time is now live in the present

Time is mechanical, is object

As human kind believe time is intimidate

Time run through aspect of the body

Determines sleep and waking

Time is remarkable, is money

Know what to do when to do it.

Everything has time, everything has guarantee

Time can be slow time can be fast

 Last time never found again. Time is a life

Me, myself and I

Let me forge simple words to illustrate

 Me, myself and I

 I teared the neck of lioness

Because I was fatherless

 I rehearse dignity In front of the mirror,

That’s me

I am for peace I am for honour,

I am for respect and pride

I, the child from anthill

I scream nobody listens

My voice re-echoes from soul deep

I am plus minus memory Astonished to be alive

 My mind conceives idea before me.

I extend myself vigorous ands versatile

From ordinary I make extraordinary

Street life

What life is like?

Never-ending battle

Hanger and danger are daily stalkers

Streets are alive with life

Life of starvation and faces of hunger

One sees dustbin sees cooking pot

Hope is torn apart

No freedom from fear

No freedom of choice.

Free to roam the streets

In the midst of squalor and poverty

Amenities persuaded me eyes

Glue is daily bread

Tongue darted in and out,

Stomach den of lions

Roaring day and night

Desperate Hand asking money

Begging is the system.

Please means survival,

The word for living


Living is demanding

Living is seditious

Living has made holes in our pockets

We can’t live within our means

The higher the price of bread goes

The lower the price of wages it gets

Living is demanding

Living is money

We can’t afford mielies let alone meat

Situation has forced us to fast.

Exploitation has brought us nothing

Freedom is empty word

We are financial cripple

Living is demanding

Living is revolutionary

God gives us knowledge,

Wisdom to understand life

We have been held ransom

 Let it be spotlight

That leads us to stolen tools

Living is demanding

Living is influential

Someone is in prison for reason

Not for high treason.

Mission was to make living.

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