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The moment we become teenagers, we attempt to make decisions within our heads about what choices we would make once confronted with some certain life circumstances.

These are factors of self-discovery that ends up taking precedence over our lives and the paths we choose to follow. Moreover, the importance of this self-discovery is eventually realized when we can live in peace with any decision we make.

Self-discovery is the first step towards the path to enlightenment. You can transcend and see yourself beyond a single life by walking this path. You have to look inside your life to discover who you are,

why you are the way you are, and the ultimate purpose of your existence on planet Earth. You have to look into the future. It’s a courageous decision to start questioning if what you’re currently doing in your life is the right thing and the best thing to do. You can be, do and achieve a lot more, but most people live their lives and never for once think of an ultimate objective, goal, and path to thread. They live like sheep that are led rather than lead, without stopping for a moment to question their moves or say this to themselves, “Is that all? There should be more and I must be able to do a lot more. The possibilities are endless for what we can achieve if we only begin to ask ourselves relevant and revealing questions.

Questions like, ‘who am I, why am I like this? What kind of life do I wish to have? Where in the near future do I want to be? What are my strengths and Weaknesses?’ The discovery begins immediately; you realize that all these questions have become a burden in your mind which you tend to fret about every day. These are just some of the questions that might reveal something deeper within you that things could be a whole lot better. You do not have to put up with just accepting the norm, there is much to discover in this vast ocean of life.

Normally it is a very difficult question to answer if you have not looked inside the vast universe that exists within you. But once we start the process of looking inside we start discovering our true self. Like other things, there has to be a beginning to everything you want to do and achieve. If you start in the middle or at the end of a project,  it will be difficult for you to find something suitable. It just wouldn’t make sense. That is why whenever you decide to begin anything, it is critical that you make a plan and layout a good foundation. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Seeking self-discovery is no different. Your individual journey of self-discovery is only that path you have chosen to follow, same as with any journey, you wouldn’t just be immediately in the middle of that journey neither arrive at your final destination just immediately you have decided to start the journey. No, once the decision has been made to begin a new chapter in your life for it to be successful, a plan will be drawn up and you will have prepared in the best possible way.

Although there are those that are happy with what they have and want nothing to improve, even though they can be and do a lot more, this is great. But there are those who want things to change and become better, but fear of the unknown always seems to get in their way. It has kept so much wealth from flowing into people’s lives and hindered their individual self-discovery journey even before it began. Don’t let something like this interrupt yours.

Factors in Life That Lead to Self-Discovery

Coming to observe myself from close quarters from various angles, I have found that I have high energy levels pointed towards a “certain direction” as reflected by my talents. I have been consistently using these talents in this life to pay the karmic debts accumulated over several lifetimes. Talking of the talents, I have found myself highly disposed towards a path of always traversing a new direction in my life.

The self-discovery action must start from the inside (within), then move into the immediate environment and then spread to society, the region and the world. So my goal would be to start focusing positively on my inner self, then work with the women in my immediate life, who are my mother, sister, family, friends, future wife and children when they come. I shall see that I will be of positive help to all of them to achieve their best in their life without being intrusive in their day to day living. Below are the factors that enable us to find self-discovery.

Practical Life Experiences

 In theory, assuming that we’re going to behave in one particular way, as opposed to another, is much different from in reality. We may assume that we are a certain type of individual before we face a situation that leads us to realize that we are another. In this case, the secret to self-discovery is to be open before the experience is realized. If we are who we claim to be both in reality and in theory then we have discovered an aspect of ourselves in which we can live peacefully. An accumulation of these life-long experiences allows us to discover more about ourselves. A significant prerequisite for us to profit from this element of self-discovery is to give ourselves the opportunity to be exposed to new experiences as they present themselves. Hidden from practice will be an obstacle, as we don’t want to find out the truth about ourselves. This could stop us from getting that which is rightly ours. It is not so important to seek these experiences but what is of relevance is that when they present themselves we do not hide from them.


This is a self-discovery lesson that tells us what we can survive with and without. This is the stage where we commit to moving towards something rather than something else, based on an intention that has been decided as a personal choice. The second element is what you willingly forgot for another to take its place. The moment you find it easy to embrace this decision and live happily and peacefully with it, then you have discovered an aspect or element of yourself.



Another element that determines who you are, is your environment. Finding out who you are in this case comes not only from a realistic experience but also from what you see and how you want to be seen. This can be a deciding factor in the choice you make and why you make this decision. If you end up being that type that makes decisions based on what others think, then this is the path you have chosen. On the other hand, if you discover that you are that type who will defend his values, irrespective of peoples opinion or contribution, then that is another path you have chosen to thread. The truth remains, the environment you live has made you discover the type of person you are.

Self-discovery acts as a catalyst (factor) helping you to live happily with whatever choices you make. Whether it’s achieved through experience, instinct, responsibility, or what you feel comfortable with, it’s a way you can try to understand yourself.

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