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One of the easiest and most difficult tasks on earth is finding one’s purpose in this spherical life which we call earth. As a teenager, I spent my whole teenage life wandering around Like I said earlier, finding your purpose is not as easy as it sounds. Itlike a giant ant that has lost track. But then I never gave up, I believed there was more to life, I thought if I were to go ahead and take action, I would be on my way to finding my true purpose in life and as well live that life. It really

helped me and made me what I am today. I want you to adopt these beliefs and know that you are more capable than you can imagine, you are the light of the world. You have something to give that no one else can give but you. To achieve what you have been placed in this world to accomplish, you have to find your true purpose. I’m sure most people would like to ask how they can find their purpose, smiles! Most people ask me this question. My answer is always, “You don’t have to find your purpose because it is within you.” I don’t think anyone needs to seek their purpose because our purpose is always within us, we don’t have to stress ourselves looking for it. We must create a condition and an environment where our purpose can be achieved. If we can establish an atmosphere and conditions within which our purpose can survive, then our purpose will find us cannot just be solved by a mathematical equation or ruled by a scientific explanation. It is a search within your own self. It is enigmatic. It is mysterious. Most of all, it will require understanding and acceptance. It is not going to be an easy task. It is going to be something that will be achieved with patience. So what do you do to find your purpose in life?

To live to your true purpose you have to be willing to learn and grow. Learning is something that when most of us think of we think of being in class and reading books. However, when you are in an environment where you need to live to your purpose learning comes to you in a different way. It comes to you through life experiences some of which are great some of which challenge you. When Nelson Mandela spent

27 years in prison to live for his purpose to save and free South Africans, he was greatly challenged. Oprah Winfrey was born unwanted, she was considered an inconvenience at birth, which, I’m sure, would pressure her mother to make abortion an option during her pregnancy. Growing up for Oprah Winfrey was very difficult in all sorts of ways, but it never made her give up or stop her from finding her purpose and reaching her goals.

So in your own life, open yourself to learning and growing and realize that through challenges you learn and grow. Once you open yourself up to learning you will be in a much better position to find your purpose and live to your purpose. When things are difficult and the road seems like it is going nowhere in addition to feeling like crying and getting depressed, also ask yourself, “What do I learn from this?” It is true that we should not ask for problems to go away, instead, we should seek to get ourselves emotionally stronger and have the emotional fitness to handle obstacles and overcome them. While there are many ways to discover it, there are some things you must remember if you are committed to this search. The biggest thing to arm yourself with is belief. You have to believe that you will be able to find your purpose. You have to have faith.

This is what you got to do. Get a blank sheet of paper and write on top of it the question “What is my true purpose in life?” Answer the question with as many things as you can until you get an answer that makes you cry. That is your purpose in life. It may seem like it is not what you are actually expecting but if you do think about it deeply, you would be able to sense what it all means. Others might think of it as stupid, while some will think that it makes complete sense. You just have to believe that when one thing strikes you so much you do not know when it hit you, then you just got to accept it.

At one point in this exercise, you will find yourself writing the same thing all over again. At another, you might feel the urge to push them all away especially when it gets too overwhelming. Just keep in mind that this is a normal reaction. Just get past through continuing writing. If you acknowledge that you feel you do not have a purpose that is also good. Eventually, your belief will turn tables. And when you complete this exercise, you will feel the answer resounding within you. By doing the above things you will create the environment within which your purpose, that is in you comes out, and you will be able to live your purpose. When you do the above three things you will not have to search for your purpose, your purpose will find you. I know you might feel what I say is too simplistic, just practice it and see the kinds of results that you will get in your life.

Things that may limit you from finding your true purpose


 Self-doubt leads you to question your own ability which may cause you not to be at your best depending on what your answers are. In these circumstances, it is very difficult for you to trust and find your purpose, so you should be aware of questions like “am I good enough,” or “I don’t think I can become X, or Y, or Z”. Self-doubt will trigger negative self-talk and devalue you. You start taking a back seat in life when you devalue yourself, which makes it harder for you to find your purpose and live out your purpose. So always be careful with your thoughts, as they can make you fail before you even before you begin to fulfil your purpose.

Comparing yourself to others

 Psychology teaches us that we continue to equate (compare) ourselves to others from as early as 3 years as infants. We always look at people around us, and we then try to compare ourselves with them. This becomes an issue as we work towards finding purpose in life because sometimes comparing yourself to others suggests you don’t have your own standards. Often, your true purpose is something you can only give, that others can’t give the same way you do. You deviate from it by comparing yourself to others as the emphasis is shifting away from being the best version of yourself to trying to do better what others have already accomplished. So be careful of equating (comparing) yourself with others, as this will hamper your ability to find your true purpose.

The need to always be accepted

 Living your true purpose also means being different from others, doing what others are finding difficult to do, thinking differently. Be sure to know that, for you to discover and achieve your true purpose, you  must reach a point in your life where you must be willing to accept denial, the thought of you not always being accepted. Let go of the desire of always being recognized. Be able to do what you are supposed to do amid criticism and marginalization at times. Almost everyone I know who lived according to their purpose was never accepted at some point in their life. Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Malala Yousafzai, at some point in their life, were not accepted, but they stood their ground, and look what they became today, A LEGEND!


Laziness and a lack of action

 I have provided guidelines for you to follow which will help your passion and purpose find you. It is your implementation of these values in your life that will make the difference, whether or not you find your passion. Failure to act would result in a lack of progress. So stay alert and always active. Set aside time for deep interaction of the inner spirit in your busy schedule, improve your ability to love and start cultivating empathy and compassion for others, learn and expand your efforts.


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