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Motivation is definitely a long hot topic that has trended as most folks can remember, and still trending. Motivation to some is one’s drive or a desire, while others interpret, Motivation levels vary from person to person. Most of the time, some people seem very motivated. But before you think you’re one of those unmotivated people, think again. Generally speaking, we are motivated by things that matter to us, things that we value, meaningful and useful to us. These highly motivated people often have a very compelling reason to be motivated; the more convincing the reason, the greater the motivation.

For most people, it’s about finding out what drives them and believe me motivation will follow. Again, for me, the deal is the quality of the energy of the motivation and, even more, what’s “underneath” the quality of that energy. What drives the quality motivation to be the work they do. For me, both definitions are wrong. Motivation is, in fact, the strength “beneath” the drive, desire and work. It is this same “energy” that reflects on the quality of one’s motives and the quality of action-result dynamics resulting from motivation. More than that, this energy referred to as motivation is as a result of the degree to which we live ‘on purpose’ and also the degree to which we are in alignment with our real self, one’s heart.


Sources of motivation 

We all know that in order for us to achieve success, we need to have a solid (strong) motivation. But what drives motivation? Well, the answer to that question is something that fascinates you or the object of your fascination; that is a source of motivation. Let’s take for example, you desire to live in a mansion; let that mansion be your motivation, let that dream motivate you. If you desire to get a better job, let that new job with a huge salary be your motivation. Or probably you desire to have more free time with your family, then hesitate not to make that your motivation. Everyone needs a nudge to move forward. Although, motivation alone is not the only thing needed to be successful; you also need to be knowledgeable, skillful, persistent, perseverance, and most importantly you more focused and always applying massive actions. However, one of the greatest hindrances to being successful is the lack of motivation.

Never lose sight of success, in order to improve your chances of succeeding faster. Always stay focused on your goals and see that one day you will get what you want. It is neither optimistic nor a wish. It must be a FACT. If you believe that success is not only a choice but also a reality, the quicker you achieve the success you want. For instance, if an Olympic athlete decides to or aims for a medal in the competition, he or she will be going through intensive training every single day and visualizing himself wearing the medal. This is a source of interest for the athlete. It motivates the sportsman (athlete) to steadily advance to his target. Another source of motivation is to surround yourself with successful people, or people that are always thirsting for success. No matter how positive or motivated you are, you are always sensitive to the negative effects. By surrounding yourself with successful people, they not only can help to motivate you but also share positive thoughts and experiences. This will help you achieve your success faster. Stay out from negative people. Reading a self- improvement and self-motivation book, just as you are busy reading this book right now, is also a good source of motivation. Get a notepad, cut, and paste pictures of people or things there that can remind you of your goals. This will remind you and allow you to smell success every time you turn the pages of your notebook.

Various types of Motivation; That Propel People to Accomplish Their Goals

Motivation assists in making dreams a reality. It is usually a physical strength that urges people to take action, initiate, or achieve their goals. However, what motivates you may not be the same as what motivates other people. Your unique experiences shape your beliefs and these beliefs are the basis of your desires and needs. Therefore, we have no single motivator for every individual, because we all have our own. One certain thing is, when you feel inspired (motivated), you actuate yourself in doing and accomplishing things that you should do and achieve. You not having goals to fulfil and plans to execute really makes motivation worthless. And since happiness and success is a never- ending quest in life, the greatest confrontation for most people, is to have sufficient motivation to achieve their dreams, fulfil their goals and do the things they ought to be doing. There are various types of motivation that propels people to work and strive hard for their wants, needs and desires. Few are listed below;


 This form of motivation leads people to identify, follow, and achieve their goals. It becomes more powerful when used with the desire to excel in anything. Individuals who are inspired by successes are generally likely to work, take responsibility, and are extremely pleased with problem-solving. Achievement is more important than bonuses. These people easily move on to the next target when goals are achieved. For this form of motivation high levels of commitment, dedication, and energy are needed.


Someone who is inspired by affiliation values their relationship with a certain group rather than achieving specific goals. Generally, this particular type of motivation is reflected when someone dedicates his life to other people and ignores his personal goals for them. Compliments, cooperation, and a good attitude are crucial for this motivational type.


Someone who has a deep concern for his or her future is highly motivated by security reasons. This type of motivation usually appears in such a person’s early life, mostly late in his teens or in his early 20s. However, what really serves as a driving force for this type of motivation is Money and other material things. So to say, a constant high paying job generally satisfies those who feel inspired (motivated) by financial security.


Dedicated teachers, daughters, and counselors are some of the individuals who show nurturance motivation. The need to nurture drives them to aid, to contribute, to serve, and to give gifts to others expecting nothing back. The desire to care interacts more with the ability to consider and fulfill other people’s needs.


This form of motivation comes with consequences. Usually, it is used or imposed on others when opportunities or bonuses fail to inspire them. In the theory of motivation for carrots and sticks, the carrot is the incentive, while fear is the stick. Punishment and other negative effects dictate an individual who is inspired (motivated) by fear. It is commonly used to push students in school and employees to do well in their tasks.


Self-improvement is a significant motivating factor for optimizing the ability of an individual. The motivation for growth can also be expressed through a desire for progress, a desire for knowledge, and a commitment to becoming a mentally and emotionally mature person.



This particular type of motivation extremely cherishes rewards either monetary or non-monetary. People like this are inspired (motivated) with the thought that they will be rewarded when they achieve certain goals. Promotions and rewards (bonuses) are examples of incentives used in motivating employees.


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