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This chapter is dedicated to any woman that have recently found out they were cheated and doesn’t know what to do or the woman that wants to know what to do in the future if she ever catches her man cheating. So please take a seat and grab a cup of tea and toast and keep reading. I know you’re thinking to yourself how could he do to you like this, how could he cheat on you. And now he’s apologizing, he’s telling you that it won’t happen again. He is expressing to you that you have nothing to worry

about because he says it won’t happen again. He is on his knees crying and begging for your forgiveness and you’re looking at him debating whether you should leave him or keep him, so what should you do? Good question.

I’m going to break it down to you like this. At this very moment you must ask yourself is it his character or is it his action. The Character of a man is something that he does repeatedly, it is something that isn’t a mistake but a pattern. An action is something that is a mistake, which need counseling in order to prevent it from happening again. So how do you know the difference, well that’s where I come in. I will give you knowledge to determine if it is his character or action.

Let’s start with Action first. Every man that is nice to a woman isn’t flirting with them unless it’s a physical complement or an emotional compliment but a professional compliment is OK but anything physical or emotional is grounds for break up immediately. But a woman that is insecure and sees a man that is nice to her, will for the most part attached herself to him and if she is weak she will fall for temptation. This is an action, it is a mistake due to the things that he is used in doing when he is single and let me be very clear an action is something that he does one time. It’s not, I repeat it is not something that he does continuously, it is not a pattern of things that he keeps doing wrong. It is one mistake that happens when he is at the wrong place at the wrong time due to his carelessness with his female colleagues or his female friend. Keep in mind if he does have female friends this will not be an action this would be a character and it will happen more than one time which is the reason why in my previous chapters I expressed that having a female friend for a man isn’t a smart idea.

Now let’s get to the character. Character is a family of actions that results in cheating which also will result in downplaying or flipping the subject after he gets caught. If your man has cheated on you more than once it is his character, if a man is a liar he is also a future or present cheater which is also his character, these things are not up for debate. If it is his character it’s a pattern of things that he’s doing not just the cheating which is the result of lying and manipulation of your heart and all of these actions are a family of actions that result in his character which 100% percent of the time leads to cheating continuously. So to answer the Question in the beginning of the chapter, if it’s his action you can stay with him but if it’s his character leave him and don’t look back! Now I’m not stupid and I know that love isn’t just something that you can break free from immediately so for all the ladies that do decide to stay with the man that have a character problem please do me a favor and flip to the next chapter and I will tell you exactly what will happen if you do decide to stay with him and also what won’t happen if you decide to stay with him because I know the majority of the women that read this will stay.

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