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Having followed the first five chapters, you should have been motivated enough to be able to identify your purpose successfully. So sure the question bugging your mind now is Like I said earlier, it requires a certain level of input on your part. You need to make some moves, which will aid you in achieving. We all have aspirations. Things we want to become, and things we want to achieve. However, a wish is not a grain of sand. No one has ever bought a car on a wish. You get all you want by setting up plans and working

toward achieving the plans. It takes money to buy the car you want and to build the house you envisioned. It also takes money to become that boss painting you have in your head. “I am still a teen, I have more time.” You are wrong if this is what you believe in, time will never wait for anyone, making money or becoming a boss as a“Now that I am motivated, I have been able to identify my purpose, in fact, I have set goals for myself. What next? My goals are bigger than my income, how do I make enough money to achieve my Elephant (Giant) goals?” Well I have the answer to your question as you read further. Kindly know it’s not automatic, and cannot be achieved by magic, it’s a process. Put your mind at ease, remember for you to DREAM IT, then YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT”.


You Don’t Have to Become an Adult before Earning; Learn How to Make Money as a Teenager

Whoever thought only grown-ups can earn money is totally wrong. There are many ways children and teenagers nowadays can earn their own income. One factor that hinders many people from making their own money is that they believe they have to get up really early in the morning and go to work before they could earn good money. They work all day long and become very much exhausted. They seem to assume that one has to get tired and become sick of the money they earn. That’s not true because as a kid, you will learn how to make money and it apparently won’t involve getting all exhausted and waking up in the mid-morning every day. Grow-ups aren’t the only ones who can make money. That’s a harsh truth most adults don’t want to hear, but there are a few ways to generate money as a kid whatever the case. First of all, there is no need to worry about how you can access your income once you earn. That is one thing that hinders and discourages most children and teenagers who are smart enough to earn their own income. You don’t have to be bothered, you just need to know where to search, and what to click on, and then the process of earning money begins.

Even now, most parents are apprehensive about allowing their kid to take part-time employment. This is especially true when one thinks that taking up a job too early and starting one’s career too young might snatch away the chances of having a fun-filled childhood. But the question is whether starting work as a teenager really calls for a restricted social life, costing one their education and health, or does it teach one to become independent and self-reliant, allowing him or her to get ready for life’s journey? I would surely come up with the second opinion if it were me you asked! Coming from the mouth of the horse, you can rest assured that working as a teenager has much greater benefits than drawbacks, educating one to be life-oriented, responsible, wise and purposeful. Till a few years ago, I too struggled to make ends meet like every teenager, and argued with my parents constantly to increase my allowances, but little came out of the hassles. I had to cut back on my entertainment and other expenditures, and had to make so many compromises unhappily.

But then, one day, I got a wonderful idea from one of my aunts! She asked me to take on a part-time content writer’s job and earn money writing for companies and brands online! In reality, she introduced me to a few people with whom she had already worked, who taught me online content writing techniques and know-how. I started working right from home in a couple of days and made enough money to do whatever I wanted! What made this job so great was that I had hardly to leave home and had flexible hours, only working when I felt the need to work or had time on my hands. My employers never really got a chance to meet me personally as the whole job was online, so I was relieved to have someone screaming orders at me all the time, or breathing my neck down, bossing me around! Being a student, and a passion driven young dude I always had a penchant to write on different topics, and this work helped me to continue my passion while giving me a chance to earn money doing something I really enjoyed.

I had saved enough in just a few months to fund all of my little indulgences, and even begged my parents to stop giving me any more allowances. My parents were delighted to see such a transformation in me, and thanked me for embracing my roles in life earlier than many of my peers. In fact, some of my other friends also took an interest in my work, and joined me in their leisure time to earn money. As for my grades, neither did they fall! On the contrary, they were actually getting better! Working had made me realize that everything had to be done properly, with complete concentration and hard work, and when I applied this theory to my studies, I could see the results as clearly as my people could. It’s been nearly 5 years since I started to work and I really want to thank my stars for having had such a great opportunity to prove my worth to everyone. Even in a few years I will probably never forget this amazing experience when I take on a bigger and better career, and bring all those wonderful memories forward, to lead me through the journey of life!


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