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Are you aware that your beliefs are an important part of who you are? If you didn’t have the principles that you have, maybe your entire approach to life will be different.

However, your most essential values, maybe your top two or three, should be completely non-negotiable. I consider them your Core Values. Your core values will be your anchor in the storm at all times, but particularly when the floor rocks in your life. It’s necessary you give your deepest and the knowledgeable parts of yourself the ability to send messages that you may not have considered before. Some call

it “thinking out of the box,” and others consider it “emotional intelligence.” Allow your mind and feelings to be as flexible as possible.

When you’re crystal clear about what your core values are, you have a practical and measurable way to make decisions. Have you ever met someone who was indecisive, seemed confused, tried to change their mind or made decisions that didn’t help them? What happens when we are not sure, clear or certain on what our values actually are? Below are a few activities to help you make your core values crystal clear.


Crystal Clear Values Process


  1. Brainstorm: Write down ten things that are really important to you. For example, adventure, community, independence, fun, peace, spirituality, variety, wealth. These are just suggestions.
  2. Eliminate: Next, put a line through the five values on your list of ten that are the least important. When you have finished this step you should be left with your top five values, not in any particular order.
  3. Write: Get five small pieces of paper. Write one of your first five values on each sheet. You will end up with five sheets of paper, written on each of it are five main values.
  4. Organize: take the pieces of paper and place them in front of you. Classify them according to their importance
  5. Then number them from one to five, with number one being the most important value and number five being the least
  6. Decide: Take value number five (least important) and value number four and put them side by side. Carefully say to yourself, “If I were to drop number five for number four forever, should I? You must say “yes” or “no” – “maybe” is not an option
  7. Enlightenment: If “yes” is the answer, step up and ask the same question about the value number four and value number three. Again, you have to answer “yes” or “no. If the answer is “no,” put down value number four, and ask yourself, “If I had to give up value number five for value number three, would I do it?”

Continue this process, putting down the interest you’d give up each time you hang on to the one you wouldn’t give up. Finally, you will end up with the value that really matters to you.



Once you have completed step six, re-number the values in order of their true importance to you. Did the order of your values change from step four to step seven? For most people, the answer is “yes.” Many times we think something is important to us, but when forced to make a choice between one value and another our true values emerge. Was it hard for you to choose between some of your values? Maybe you struggled giving one or more of them up? Here is a little secret; when you get the order right, you will find that your number one value includes all your other values; therefore, you don’t feel like you are giving up anything. Your value for number one is all-inclusive. The Crystal Clear Values Process is a great exercise to do with a partner. Having someone else ask you to choose between your values can be very revealing. Your partner is a witness to your process, and that is powerful. Just having them present will change the dynamics. Try it! It’s also more difficult to cheat when you have a partner. Sometimes, when we don’t want to give value up, we try to find a creative way to keep them both. Having a partner will remind you that you have to choose one value each time and it can help you be more decisive. Your partner can also encourage you when you get stuck. That’s why it is highly recommended to have a friend or a coach do this process with you. Clarifying your values and taking a stand for them in your life is essential for maintaining personal integrity. And it is only when we live in harmony with our core values, that we experience life with great intensity and excitement, and live with Maximum Power!


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