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Consistency, by definition, is often referred to as a firm adherence to the same principles. That sounds great, but how does this apply in real life? You may have wondered what that meant for your life too. It is a pattern of human behavior that holds the greatest place in every sphere of life. No matter what you do, consistency is the secret to success. Consistency is something I used to think I was struggling with, the truth was that I was consistent with just the wrong thing. Consistency determines personal success. It is because no relationship can be successful

without it. People need to be consistent in love , hate, friendship, care, and every other human emotion. That’s why you’d expect your partner to be compassionate, supportive, and faithful during life while you are in a relationship. If a partner fails to do these, it severely harms the relationship. Similarly, consistency is very important in your professional life too. If you don’t work consistently, then you won’t be successful. The only way to get yourself positive reviews from your bosses and employers is consistent performance at work. Consistency in results can only be accomplished by constant hard work and commitment. That’s why we only  see strong individuals in top management roles and productive entrepreneurial roles. If we fail to act consistently every day, part of our belief will die. Our belief in who we were meant to be, our belief that things can be different and better, our belief in why we’re here; our belief that others will be able to overcome too, because we’ve had the courage to rise up consistently every day. Don’t let your convictions die. Stand up and be consistent day by day.

Consistency is truly a secret to success when it comes to business. It is not always easy to become and stay as consistent as you need to be in order to reach your goals, but it is a trait that everyone involved in the business would do well to learn and implement. The reality is more companies are struggling than getting successful. The odds of any new business actually ‘making it ‘ and becoming profitable enough to sustain itself are statistically slim. But how can you surmount these odds? What can you do to move your business to a position where it can not only prosper, but also expand and thrive? If you can learn to be consistent, then you can completely appreciate your ability, and give your ideas a reasonable chance to work. You’d be shocked at how many companies, founded by talented and smart people, fail because they are neglecting to maintain their good habits, day in and day out. Many variables come into play but there is no substitute for commitment, reliability and consistency.

The Benefits of Consistency 

By staying consistent, you’ll be ready to jump at any chance that might come along. For example, the restaurant owner, who stays open all the time on Mondays because he’s never very busy, might very well consider his restaurant the most famous place to eat on Mondays because he’s the only one who’ll commit to being consistent by staying open on such a slow day. The businessman, who is trying to sell his online business, may be tempted to skip a few blog posts here and there. Yet if he does, he will cause readers to find that the contents are not as ‘regular’ as it used to be, resulting in a lack of interest on their part. Sit and ruminate about those businesses you utilize every day. Where are you buying groceries? Where are you going out to eat? Where are you buying clothes? Who are the dry cleaners? Have you ever tried to do business with a firm that never succeeded in being reliable? There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to have something, just to find that for ‘personal reasons’ the company you wanted to use is ‘locked’ for the day. This is the kind of inconsistency that truly drags down a company. Ultimate consistency is all about keeping things steady, regular and reliable. Consistency will be one of the most valuable assets your business will ever create for itself, and building it will lead to increased revenue, customers and success! If you’ve been struggling a little with Consistency (as most people do), then I encourage you to put new energy into making your part as effective and consistent as you can in your life and business. Do not misunderstand that consistency means you’re set in your ways and you’re never going beyond the box to try out new ideas that can help your business grow even further. You will no doubt soon realize how many opportunities an attitude of this kind will open up to you! Commit to being consistent in at least one area you’ve been struggling with lately as of today. Try to isolate the most inconsistent parts of your business, and focus on making it the most reliable part of your business. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference you will experience.

Consistency Is the Key – To Staying the Course to Change

Here is another definition of the word consistency for greater clarity. Consistency implies statutory firmness or character: PERSISTENCY, the harmony of conduct, or practice with profession. Being consistent helps you to be focused and disciplined to see through to the end, or completion of something you have begun. Being consistent will help you follow through. When you choose to be consistent your words and actions come into play. To complete the mission at hand with quality and honesty your words must match your deeds.

The only constant thing in life is change and we can choose to change for the better. Everybody wants to develop in some aspects of their lives but it starts by being aligned with the positive change process. Consistency is the bridge that crosses you into your new optimistic successful habits, against your old habits. Consistency helps you discipline yourself and maintain the path to achieve the desired outcomes of a better life. You will not be following through without consistency to see the positive improvements you expect. It gives you the motivation you need to keep moving forward even when it’s difficult, because it helps you see the goal. It is a part of the character as you continue to work with consistency. A consistent person is a trusting individual. There is so much to gain being consistent at what you do. The major gain is that consistency will put everything that you do in order. Below are some measures to make yourself consistent:

  • It begins with decision taking
  • (Upon making the decision) Get a chart on what goal(s) you want to accomplish
  • Implement and set a time limit for achieving the plan by taking small steps and doing at least one positive thing toward your goal every day until it is completed, then move on to your next step in your plan. Know your strategy may need other people’s support to achieve it. Make sure that they too are reliable and consistent.
  • Repeat the first three

Developing consistency is like how a bodybuilder builds muscles they get stronger and the desired results with consistent weight or strength training. The same applies to the commitment that you have to focus on your goal(s) on a regular basis and you will be more motivated and deeper in your dedication to see the goal(s) to the end. Without it we cannot do something worthwhile. Applying the steps is the only way you can become consistent and see your goal(s) fulfilled.


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