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All women have something that no men has and this is called a women’s intuition. This is not a hoax, this is not fake, this is very real and it should never be ignored. So let’s go back to the beginning for one second. In the first 6 months of dating if your woman’s intuition is telling you that something is wrong so do not ignore it. Because if you do, you will greatly regret it. Let me explain how the woman mind works and why this is very important. In a relationship trust can only be developed through test or

testing the opposite sex when a negative thought or feeling is presented to the host. Let me give you an example of what I mean, when you are purchasing a vehicle just because the dealer tells you the car is in perfect condition but you have a feeling in your heart that something’s fishy then you have every right to test drive the vehicle to confirm what the dealer said. If the dealer says no that’s not necessary the car is in perfect condition and you can purchase the car without test driving it, then you are the fool. Likewise in a relationship if you the woman feel your intuition is telling you that your man is hiding something in the beginning of relationship & if he doesn’t let you see his phone or get angry while answering simple questions then he is definitely cheating on you. A man knows in the beginning it is very important to set a good foundation so if his woman ask him to validate her trust by giving her his phone an honest, trustworthy and faithful man will have no problem giving his phone to his woman but a cheater and manipulator will. And will also make it seem like your woman’s intuition it’s just you dealing with trust issues from your past relationship. He will try to flip it and bring up your past mistakes until the heat is totally off of him and this is what we call in psychology the tactics of the typical male cheater that doesn’t want to get caught. There is no way that you can trust a man if he does not prove to you that he’s trustworthy. And there’s no way that he can prove that he’s trustworthy unless you the woman test him.

You are a student in a class, how did the teacher know that, you was paying attention? You might be in that same class every single day listening but how do that teacher know that you’re really there mentally and emotionally. How does that teacher know your real intentions of being in that class? How does that teacher know if you are really paying attention? How? Bingo. Teacher test the students and the results of the test will determine how much the students really paid attention. Ladies in a relationship, it is the same! You must not be afraid to ask him questions and to take tests. And if you feel like you have to sneak instead and hire private investigators because he doesn’t want to be tested then at that very moment you need to end that damn relationship immediately! Now be prepared because the man will tell you how you can believe your thoughts & feelings with no proof. He will also say how you can leave him after everything he has done for you (only if he is the sole provider in the relationship).

But you must not listen to anything that comes out of his lying ass mouth, your heart and your woman intuition cannot be ignored. Don’t stay and wait to see the titanic sink, get off the boat and save yourself before the iceberg comes. Your woman’s intuition will give you warning signs in the beginning and when it does it is your choice to either listen to it and take action or ignore it and be a fool.

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Women's Intuition

David Onyegbule

Sunday 29th of November 2020 08:27:29 PM

Nice! Very true


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