Malate (The Mysterious Girl)

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The mysterious girl






Jinang Dangkat H.

(September, 2020)







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To God Almighty the giver of life, and to my friends;

without you I am not capable putting this all together.








(The mysterious girl)



When superstition meets the greatest force on earth…
What else do you expect?









(11 Avenue, Opposite Emir’s Palace, Kalbore, Gombe, Nigeria)

December 21, 2018.

I recall

vividly the nature of that exams; ID 426 (photography) which was among the courses students normally have spill over as a result of its toughness. I had studied well but when I got the question paper, instantly my mood changed. Sadness was written over my face and emotionally I could feel the excited I came in with deserting me. My day was ruined and as a result, the mood swing lingered as I go back to the school hostel, and later to the Motto Park. I felt frustrated after preparing for good 14 days but got mocked by the exams. It was like a hot “Yoruba pot” of stew from the Southern part of Nigeria.

Malate (Ma-la-te) was seated next to the bus driver when I book my ticket as a last passenger. Sitting  beside her, she couldn’t got her eyes off me. In my imagination, I was  wondering if she was actually reading my facial expression. Not long when the car took off from the park, I felt a pinch at the back. Malate reluctantly pinched me but she however, claimed it was a mistake.
I could have retaliated by pinching her too but I quickly noticed she did that deliberately just to start up a conversation between us.

“Hey, can you smile a bit, at least I will feel free to apologize? Handsome guys like you shouldn’t frown their face”. She said. Well, the magic in her words and the voice gave me a slightest hope and I was smiling mischievously like a child. “My name is Malate, I have a degree in sociology, but most importantly I can see and read what is running through the minds of people…” She was half way introducing herself when an old woman at the back burst into laughter. Reluctantly, I didn’t laugh. I had to say something and keep the conversation alive. It was hard to start a conversation but however, I managed to become the man in the game. I had to talk even for the sake of the sarcastic laughter of the old woman at the back.

“Malate, Such a nice name,” I replied. “My name is Kwoopnan” I said while looking at her as the conversation becomes more interesting. She was a bit dark, slim and gorgeous. Her body curvature was amazing. She is gifted with a pointed nose which all together, compliments her lips that resemble that of my grand-mother in the village. She is “Africanly” the enchantress. She kept talking about a lot of things. I was actually enjoying it. She wasn’t the quiet type so I decided to do most of the listening while she talks.
But there was something strange and mysterious about her.








She fell into  sudden sleep even though our journey from Kalbore just began. Similarly, the nature of the road network from Gombe to Bauchi State of Nigeria was very bad and so I considered falling asleep was a rare occurrence. I was told that even women in labour sometimes deliver their babies before reaching a government hospital as the drivers have to struggle in order to dodge series of potholes. I couldn’t explain how it happened but she was leaning against my shoulder while she journey to the land of quietness. At some point, I thought that maybe because she had talked too much, she needed the rest. I didn’t bother to pull her away or interrupt her sleep. While she was asleep, something really strange was actually happening. I could feel her talking to me and I was right there answering. I heard her telling me that the driver’s speed was too way above the limit and she feared the dangers that lie ahead of us. At some point, I stared at the driver’s speed limit then back to the “sleeping Malate” and then pretend as though I wasn’t looking. Barely 10 minutes into her sleep, she was shouting and asking me in my imaginations to tell the driver to brake down his speed as she could perceive great danger ahead. “Could she be a witch?” (I wondered).
“Driver!” (I call out in a softer tone) and instead of the driver responding, the old woman at the back shouted  “what?” Instantly, I was mute.
Before I could tell Malate in my imaginations or whatever way possible that the old woman at the back had prevented me from passing the driver her message, a mysterious trailer appeared just some few meters ahead of us and it was approaching so fast. It was trying to overtook another  van and so it was  directly coming toward us.

It was a choice between surviving and giving up the driver had to make but surviving is mild as the car was already in high acceleration. The driver applied his entire driving expertise trying to find a possible way out but it seems too late. The only option left was to run down the shoulder which was a journey into a deep ocean.

There were just few inches left before the car finally collides with the trailer facing us. Suddenly, Malate woke up like someone who was being pursued in her dream. She mysteriously did something that saved the lives of the passengers in that car.
When she woke up, she shouted “we won’t die, by the grace of God” “we won’t die by the grace of God.”
Holding the steering, she fought strangely with the driver as she tries to gain control and change the direction of the car towards…(only she knows).
To the driver, she was just afraid and confused and wanted to pull the car to an automatic halt. On the contrary, only another mystery could explain the mysterious mystery she was getting us into. Some passengers began to shout, some saying their last prayers as dead was coming to get us “they taught.” My heart was however still convinced that she knew exactly what she was doing so I reluctantly didn’t do anything to help the driver gain back full control over the steering.

Mysteriously, she managed to gain control, pull the steering and the car took the direction of the deep ocean towards the shoulder but at some calculated angles. Swiftly, she pull it back again towards the road. The trailer had passed; its long tail was zooming off majestically.
Somehow, the car was back on its lane but facing the opposite direction like though it was traveling similar direction with the trailer. The trailer somehow bumped the left traffic indicator of our car which explains why the car had to make a sharp “u” turn.
“Well-done Malate”






I applauded her but she remained quiet and didn’t say a word neither did the old woman at the back. Guess what? The engine of the car goes off. It failed to start. We were stuck in the car and still in the middle of the road and a horn which sounded like that of a heavy lorry was approaching fast. There was  sudden paused; a sudden silence which saturated the atmosphere and Malate cast her face down. Just when we thought we narrowly had escaped death, another mysterious car was yet approaching. The sound of the horn rightly signaled the type of car approaching and that ignited and triggered more fears in our hearts. There was a terrible silence. I felt my breath intake gradually increasing while my fears grew more obvious. The car couldn’t start, we were at the middle of the road and I still recall and can hear the echoes of Malate’s words that she sense danger ahead.
“Malate, do something. Save our lives” I whispered to her.
“It’s too late, I can’t save us” Malate cried out.

She sounded cold as she talks. Tears rolling down her chic, equally she was shivering as she speaks. It’s obvious she can’t perform any miracle again but in a manner she held my hands so tied while she whispered that “there’s a way out” but before I could ask further, a big lorry smashed our car and we felt into the water body. Whatever might had happened that very moment, this I can’t recall the actual way it happened but what I do remember is that, I felt a cold but passionate touch on my lips (I think someone kissed me). I woke up in the warmth of her embraced with no clue what transpired but the first thing she told me was that “we are safe.”

“What is this place called?” “What happened?” I asked trying to identify the place. There was this painting that was hang on the wall which explains that I was in a room. Maybe her room, I imagined.
Malate’s words while I was recovering from the shock of what happened help maintained my pulsation. Her mysterious ways of doing things induced me into loving her. The incidents that happened in the car and on the road; how she saved my life twice in a day, is enough reason to fall in love with her “a guardian angel sent from above” I thought in my imaginations.

When we first met, I thought she was just an ordinary girl and then an extrovert. But surprisingly, she possesses some mystical powers and she can equally see into the future. She was a mysterious  life saver.”These, and many more thoughts kept running through my mind” while I lie down in her arms.
Again, she was one of those kind of girls I’ve always prayed and hope to marry while I was still a teenager. I’d always loved and cherished girls with magical powers (I developed this interest from some mystery books I read in my dad’s library). On the contrary, my mother used to share a story told to her by her own mother of some mysteries that exists among some women in some parts of the country, and that, they were told how only few of them turn these “mysteries” into good deeds.
So when I remember this in particular, my heart would skip “a beat” before it continues. Thus, she had advised me to marry from any part of the country but she won’t and will never support those parts where these mysteries existed. So when I figured out that my emotions were colliding with that of Malate, I was completely scared and confused.

If not for Malate’s mystery, I could have been long death by now. Maybe my mother would have been shading tears equally. So I planned that, the next day in the morning; I shall let Malate know I really love her then face my mother’s troubles knowing that she might not support me.

“I slept with thoughts of you oh gorgeous Malate”. “My heart these past two days have been longing for today to tell you how “burning” it desires to have you as a soul mate”. “You saved my life; this I can’t pay you back. So, I am thinking that if you could save my life for the last time by feeling the same way I feel about you, things will get better.”






I was busy rehearsing how to profess my love for her in my dreams. So when I woke up, there was no need to delay since I have promised to tell her that I love her and she’s all I’ve got to be happy.
“Malate, can we talk for a minute?” I called her attention while she was still making her bed.
It was still very early when I walked up to her doorstep and demanded that we have a conversation.

“Come in.” she whispered “I guess we can talk right in here if that’s ok by you.” She added. I was a bit nervous, I was about to tell Malate I love her; I was about to break the great news ever to her.
But; Why must we talk in her room? My instinct was judging the scenery. She was still in her night dress. From a far I could see her breasts standing out firm and feeling shy about the coldness of the morning.
I was not actually lusting after her body so don’t you even imagine that. I was afraid how shameful I would walk out in case she doesn’t feel anything for me. I was more scared if the opposite happens; I felt I was not ready for it. I fought my fears, I have to. She is my life saver, I concluded.
“Ok, It’s cool, we can talk in your room if it’s ok by you too.” I managed to reply.
“Here, seat.” She pointed towards her bed. “So what is it that you want to tell me?” She was eager to hear me start talking. Malate couldn’t wait for me to bury my fears or even hide my tension.

“Well, I just wanted to thank you very much for saving my life the other day and the other time.”
I lied! I could hear my ‘inner self’ whispering, of course that’s not what I had in mind.
But the thing is, my fears were taking control over my emotions. “Malate, I want to tell you that…..”
“Don’t tell me another lie” She cuts in quickly.
You should be aware that Malate knows your thoughts before you say them”
“She sees through your heart and knows your feelings towards her.”
“It’s ok. I love you too and I’m willing to be your forever!” Malate replied.

Oh jeez…my heart melted when she said these words.
How stupid I was to have attempted telling a great lie to this mysterious creature. She’s a goddess and I shouldn’t have told a lie before her face.
From that moment, I knew I had to always be a man. Think straight; talk straight and no playing cards.
Even without a morning make up, she appears charming before my eyes. Her uncurled hairs reluctantly felt down my shoulders like a child without a mother. Her body smells pleasant as if she was wearing one of those expensive Arabian perfumes.
Few moments later, without setting up the table, Malate gave me a nice treat or let’s just says “a breakfast in bed.” We had the best of that morning as lovers.
“Darling, I suggest you continue your journey to your people tomorrow” Malate whispered as she picks up her towel and go into the bathroom.






Jos, Nigeria.

Three days after I arrived home, I’ve been thinking of a better way to inform my mother about my new found love (Malate). It was really hard you can imagine. I’ve spoken to her over the telephone and she kept asking after my mother while I kept promising her that soon, the two of them will talk over the phone.
Somehow, I had to tell my mother I’ve fallen in love with a lady from that part of Nigeria where mysterious wives are found (according to her long held folk tale) then face the outcome, and so I decided to confront her.
“Mom, something bad would’ve happened to me while I was traveling back but thank God an angel saved me.”
“Oh goodness! Thank God for that miracle but what actually happened and how were you saved?” She demanded. I narrated every bit of details encountered on the road and with Malate. The magic she performed, the mysteries and the sacrifices.
Not long have I gone; I was still talking but her face had already changed. Of course she knew exactly where this girl I am talking about would come from.
“Son, I’ve told you in the past, and I’m still going to tell you today, never will you marry from that part of the world while I’m still alive.” “Over my dead body!”
“You want to marry a mysterious wife and bring it here abi?” “Ba zai faru ba…”(it won’t work out)  she mumbled and roared continuously. For a moment, I went numb. My heart broke into pieces but I was glad I finally told my mother about Malate.
“But mother, this lady is my life, she’s the reason I’m still your son today, she saved me somehow.” I said.
“Oh! She is now your life abi?” “Then go back to her since she’s your goddess.” “You aren’t bringing her to my house and that’s final” she said then burst into tears.
I became worried, my mother shouldn’t cry about this issue. What have I done!
I hate anything that makes her feel sad, and not even shading tears.
On the contrary, Malate was my desire. She’s a rare gem and I so much adore her.
I so much loved her. I’ve promised to be with her forever.
I remember how she cried while I was about to take off from her place. I recall those innocent tears she poured out and those soft words she managed to drop in my heart. I can’t even forget the breakfast we had in bed; how she gave me a nice treat…I fought these thoughts and many others. Finally, I knew my mother will never be in support, if it’s Malate, never! Thus, I cried and cried.
The next day I found myself on a hospital bed with drips attached to my wrist. Something mysterious had happened.
Nurse Rashida stares at me glamorously like she had known me elsewhere. “You are awake now, how do you feel?” She said softly while smiling like she actually cares. I didn’t say a word but my facial expression sent strong message that I don’t need her presence neither the conversation.
“Looks like you don’t want to talk to me.” “I will have to go and come back when you are more stable.” She said.
The thoughts of Malate left me shattered and I felt dispirited as I try to sit up against the wall on the hospital bed.

Days gone by without talking to her. I felt like I’ve betrayed her. The mental images of those sweet memories of hers kept disturbing my conscience and occasionally, my brain will go numb.
While I was still in deep thoughts, Nurse Rashida returned to the ward (room) holding a card in her hand.
She didn’t say a word; instead, she drops the note on the side of the bed then stare at me for a while.

I looked at her for some seconds, then to the card which she had dropped on the bed.
I reached for it, slipped it open and saw a note which reads; “My forever, I’ve missed you so much. I know you do same and love me so much. Therefore, I’m doing everything I can to be with you and not even your mother can come between us. Get well today baby…” (Malate)

Reading this note, I felt relieved instantly and couldn’t ask myself how she found out about my present condition and possibly know the exact hospital I was on admission. “She’s mysterious in her ways, so it’s very possible for her to know everything” I concluded.
“Thank you so much Nurse Rashida” I managed to tell her with an unusual smile.
“I know you are better now, but why didn’t you tell me she was the reason you are sick?” Rashida asked jokingly. “I know you may be wondering where she is now or how the note got to this hospital and many others.” “This, I wanted to tell you earlier but you wouldn’t want to listen.” “But I’m here now so listen to me carefully.” Nurse Rashida said while dragging a chair closer to my bed.
“Your Mother may not support what you want as your choice but it’s soon going to be alright.” “Your mom is right when she said you can’t marry Malate because she is a mystery.” “she is right when she said those people are mysterious and you can’t bring them to her family but it’s still ok.”
“In few days from now, Malate is definitely going to be yours.” She concluded.
But, But how will that happened? I’m was so confused about the whole thing. I knew my mother was going to disowned me if I insist on marrying her. I love Malate so much but right now I don’t know what to do.
“Do you really love Malate and want to marry her?” Nurse Rashida inquired.
“Absolutely, YES. She’s my forever!” At a moment, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable about Nurse Rashida’s interview but again, I had to pay attention. I knew Malate might have given her a message to deliver.
Nurse Rashida stood up, looked at me then smiled. There was quietness everywhere.
Seconds went by, then a minute or so before she decided to break the silence.

“I’m Malate…”

“What!” I exclaimed in total dismay. I felt my feet slipping away that very moment Nurse Rashida mentioned that she was Malate.
“You mean, you standing right here is Malate?” “Nurse Rashida is my Malate?”
Nurse Rashida is actually Malate? Her words sink into my heart like water melting sugar.
Instantly, I was mentally confused when she mentioned or rather claimed to be Malate. For some reasons, I couldn’t recognize her face because of the veil she was wearing; I couldn’t understood or recalled her voice.
My pulsation kept increasing while my fingers struggled to calm each other.
But technically, she could be her (I thought to myself) if not, how did she knew about Malate and I in the first place? Malate’s mystic nature is indeed now obvious like mother would always say.
“You mean you are my “Malate?” I stared at her while waiting for a “YES”.
I was overjoyed that this was happening. It was a dream comes true.
“Nurse Rashida” “I better address you with your official name”. I said mischievously and she laughed.
She was still laughing when my mother stepped into the ward holding a basket of fruits.  “Ahh, my son is strong now” “You are looking strong now than I thought.” She rushed towards me while putting the basket down. She held my hand, touched my forehead to feel if my temperature was normal (an average African mother will do this). Looking at Nurse Rashida, she thank her for taking good care of her son. “You kept to your words”. “My son almost gave up the ghost because of one mysterious lady he barely knew.” (She had told the nurse about what happened to me? I thought about it and smiled).
“Well, this love is sometimes mysterious in its own ways; you never can tell what makes the heart happy or sad if not Love itself. Mother, at least your son is happy now, I am certain the doctor will discharge him soon.” Nurse Rashida said. I remained quiet as my mother and Nurse Rashida had few conversations.
Moments later, I was discharged like the nurse earlier told my mother but before we left the hospital; Rashida asked if it’s OK to call by from time to time to see how I was doing.
Excitedly, my mother agreed and gave her the address without even asking my own opinion.
“I think this nurse is beginning to like you oh. I pray it’s true”. My mother whispered.
I smiled, and said “I like her too mama”.
The two of us burst into laughter while Nurse Rashida kept looking at us and pretended as if she doesn’t know anything. Unknown to my mother, Nurse Rashida is aware and she knew and can hear everything we were whispering each other.
Nurse Rashida finally found her way into my mother’s heart mysteriously.
Few minutes after we’ve left the hospital, I saw vividly the expression of joy on my mom’s face. On our way back to the house, she acted and stated countless times how she would be happy if I and Rashida could end up as husband and wife. (Most African mothers do not waste time with matters like this).








To her, Nurse Rashida must be an exception for taking good care of her son. And since I was aware of the card “myself” and “Rashida” are playing, I confessed and told my Mother how deep I’ve also fallen in love with this Nurse called Rashida. Love has finally found its way I said to myself.
Three days after we returned from the hospital seems like it was a complete month we had already spent; the wait for Rashida’s visit kept my mother in great suspense and in a state of ecstasy.
At some points, if a nock came at the door, my mother will practically rushed in an attempt to slide open the door but she’d suffered tons of disappointments. Rashida wasn’t at the door yet. She later gave up after many days of waiting. But unknown to her, I and Rashida had been talking on phone while planning how she will finally pay the expected visit.
My mother’s desire to meet her technically reduced until she no longer talks about it like she used to.
One day, she was fast asleep during the day. Suddenly, a “nock” at the door mystically wake her up; her most enjoyable moment of rest. “On a very normal day, she could break the head of any person who forced her out of sleep but this day was quite different. “It’s her! It’s her! She’s at the door!” My Mom shouted excitedly. I wondered if she was actually dreaming about her coming before the nock on the door.

Before I could reach and check who’s at the door, my mother had already done that.
Rashida was standing in front of her but she was confused when she saw that Rashida had come along with her luggage. (Is she traveling to somewhere and she’s here to announce it to us?) This thought crossed my mother’s mind. I saw it in her expressions. Well, like we had it all planned out already, Rashida came along with her things. And before my mother could summon courage to asked further questions, Rashida narrated that their house got burnt by a fire disaster few days ago while she was on a night duty. Her mother, who was her only parent left couldn’t make it out alive. She was consumed by the fire without rescue. Rashida played the script and acted out exactly how we had it planned and my mother sincerely believed her. She felt so sorry for what Rashida went through.
She assured Rashida that she’s now a family member and so she should feel free to do whatever she wants in or around the house.
My forever is now my family member (I thought to myself). An unmerited happiness engulfed and saturated my emotions like never before. The next day, Nurse Rashida was off from work and so the three of us stayed and talked about many things.
Later, we felt is time to cook lunch and we went into the kitchen together leaving mother busy with some works in her room. “Rashida, you are such an amazing nurse. I’m so grateful for saving my life the other day.” I told her and we burst into laughter. She smiled beautifully than when she was Malate.
She held me calmly, pulled me closer without saying a word. Her breath intake was accelerating above its normal limit. She stared at me deep in the eye until I saw myself lust in her thoughts.
I tried to stop her. “Not in the kitchen” I told her. But the more I played the gentleman, the more emotional she became. “I’ve missed you so much” she whispered then licked my ear in the process. I felt how softer her lips had become when she slides them under my neck. My hormones quickly came back alive. I was ignited without the proper keys and I felt my jack lifting my bonnet.
I had no option than to serve her great lunch right there in the kitchen…we did it right inside my mother’s kitchen. It felt good like it was the first time.

Every day to Rashida and I, was like a New Year day. The feelings, the ecstasy and the burning desires to have more of each other increase daily. We became couples without any formal form of oath taking or ritual rights performed. To some extents, making love while cooking in the kitchen became a habit, then a routine. We got entangled in the act every now and then. Rashida loved it so much when she gets it the way she wants, and wherever she wants it. I had no option than to become a chef assistant like my mother always thought. Thus, any day we cooked together, we must make love equally, “both meals always taste delicious” like the first breakfast we had in bed.
Ironically, my mother’s kitchen turned into a scene of mysterious acts without her knowledge. It remained a secret between us.








On 12 February, 2001, my mother woke up complaining of serious fever. Her face was pale. Physically, she looks weak and drained like someone who had been fighting demons throughout the night.
I was confused, I couldn’t think of anything else to do. On the other end, Rashida has not returned from night duty. So all attempt to persuade my mother to visit the hospital failed.
“Son, you shouldn’t worry about me, I will be find you know?” She said.
I tried to convince her that it’s better we go to the hospital and do the necessary check up than wait for Rashida’s returned as she had claimed that her nurse would soon return.
While we were talking about her health, she reminded me that before it become too late, I should take Rashida to the alter and do what was right.
When she said those words, I was calm and couldn’t say anything. It was what I wanted already. Yes, I’ve always prayed to marry Rashida. she is right I thought this to myself.
In my thoughts, I knew exactly what “Rashida and I have been doing right in the kitchen without my mother’s knowledge. We were already living as couples.
I was still in deep thoughts while my mother was resting her head on the couch, suddenly, Rashida’s call came in. My forever was on the phone, I smiled as I held the phone in my hand.
I’ve never delayed picking her calls but that fateful day, it was a bit strange. Somehow, I found it difficult to pick up the call on time. It rang twice but I didn’t pick up. When I finally picked up, it wasn’t her on the phone instead, a rough female voice was talking to me…

“It’s Nurse Sarah. Something bad happened, I think you need to rush to the hospital…”
“What!” I shouted to the extent my mom got frightened.

“What the hell is it?” My mother asked angrily.
I couldn’t reply her, instead, the phone slipped off from my hands to the ground. Instantly, she knew that something was wrong somewhere.
“I need to go to the hospital now!” I told her. “I think Rashida is in trouble” I told her while running out of the house.
“Wait!” “I should go with you to the hospital” she pleaded as she suddenly regained strength miraculously.

My heart almost stopped beating when we approached the hospital gate. I was so sure that Rashida was in there in a state of only God knows.
The security man by the entrance was such a nice man. He smiled and waved at me but to be honest, it neither calmed my fears nor did it make me slow down a bit to greet him respectfully.
I waved back with no trace of a smile on my face. It was later I realized I had left the taxi man without paying him a dime. I wasn’t thinking straight.
I was confused and worried about Rashida. Worst still, Nurse Sarah only mentioned that something bad had happened as we spoke on the phone so I kept wondering if at all I would see my forever in good condition.
I stepped into the waiting room and my mother joined me subsequently, probably she had to settle the taxi man out there. There was no one at the reception so we didn’t know where exactly to locate Rashida.


“Hi; you are here”. I turned back, and there she was. Sarah was right behind me.
She had watched us come in through the gate from the upper floor.

“Nurse! What actually happened to my daughter?” My mother inquired getting no response from the lady.
I was worried. To me, seeing Rashida first was more important than asking questions.

Nurse Sarah didn’t reply my mother and so she kept murmuring in vernacular saying “Nurse Sarah was rude and disrespectful for not replying he”.
She led us to the ward. We entered and there was Rashida lying down on the hospital bed.
It was the first time I saw her enchanting face looking sorrowful in her sleep. I moved closer to the bed, touch her hands but She was not saying anything; she couldn’t even look at me despite the fact that I was right there for her. My guardian angel looks like someone who had suffered from a serious shock.
“Nurse, please what happened to her?” I ask Sarah in the softest voice. “Well, I actually don’t know.” “The Doctor will soon be here to talk to you.” “He has been waiting for your arrival.” She said while leaving the ward.
My fears increased. I still couldn’t figure out what probably could have brought Rashida to this state. She’s a strong woman, this I told myself. Meanwhile, my mother had decided to remain quiet. I knew nurse “Sarah” has provoked her to the last level.
“Is that the husband to Rashida?” A young man asked Nurse Sarah.
He was dressed in a long white coat (the exact type used in the operation rooms and there was a stethoscope hung round his neck) He must be the doctor, I thought to myself but why is he referring to me as Rashida’s husband? I was trying to figure it out in my thoughts.
My mom was staring at me equally, and then the Doctor, still she was quiet.
She sensed something was fishy but it isn’t her turn to talk yet. I became more confused.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Jinang Fwangs”. “Can we talk outside if you wouldn’t mind?” He said.
I followed him and he led me into an office. He sat me down and inquired if I was having some issues with my wife that could stress her up.

“Young man, do you quarrel with your wife at home for any reason?” The Doc asked.
“Quarrel? Why will I quarrel my….” there I discovered he had mentioned “wife” again and Rashida wasn’t my wife legally so what the hell is he talking about? I kept wondering.
“Rashida and I are best of friends, we don’t quarrel at all”. I told the Doc.
“But why will your wife suddenly mentioned something like “she will kill me?”
“Look, your wife was having a heart problem. After I confirmed that she’s one month pregnant, she couldn’t help it but shouted that “she will kill me?” She suddenly collapsed as a result of the shock she experienced and that’s why I requested that they call you immediately.”

“Doctor you said she’s pregnant? You mean Rashida is pregnant? Oh no!, This should be a joke. Rashida can’t be pregnant now.” Doctor Jinang couldn’t understood what was going on. The thing there was that; On one hand, it was good news worth celebrating. But on the other hand, we were not married and that qualifies it as a big family problem. My mother could disown me or rather sent Rashida out of the house. She is a woman who hates disgrace.
“Rashida was right; she will kill her, but this time around she will kill us” I said to myself.
“Please Doctor, can this remain a secret? Please don’t tell my mother about this, she will be mad at us” I managed to tell the Doctor. “Is OK, just  be a man.” “You have to be man enough to get over this but soon you know she will definitely finds out the truth even if you don’t tell her.” “I mean, your mom will surely finds out that your wife or whoever she is to you is pregnant.” “So find a way to tell her and don’t make things worst” the Doctor said.
I spent few minutes before I finally walked out of his office to meet my mother. She was anxiously waiting for me.
“So what actually happened to my daughter?” She asked.
“She will be fine soon mom.” “Well, the doctor explained that she suffered a heart attack”. “That She might have been thinking about something, so she suffered shock which resulted to her collapsing.” I narrated.
Later that day, Rashida regained her health. She got discharged from the hospital and we went back home.
The next trouble that awaits us is my Mother and the pregnancy “we” were carrying.
My mother is an elder in the church and she will certainly be angry if she discovers that I got Rashida pregnant without marrying her legally.
Maybe it was fate that made things happened that way so fast. Who knows, She might not even send Rashida away with her grandchild even if she was to discover that “Rashida” was the “Malate” she never wanted her son to marry. She might only regret the fact that she couldn’t get to wear that “Asobe dress” and “the shoe” she had bought long ago against my wedding day.

This Love sometimes is mysterious, and when superstition meets the greatest force on earth, what else do you expect?



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