Death Bird Song

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Death Bird Song

Something evil this way crawled rising high on flickering fire tongues.

Evil grew in cracks and holes and bred in peoples minds.

The Ocher light is faintly shining, a wisp of smoke verily climbing as death at midnight, foreshadows doom.

And something demonic this way bloomed.

What malevolent spirits along this road journeyed?

When the night wind blows and the moon has risen above the darkened sky, they awaken from their death bird sleep to prowl the countryside; seeking the living, encouraging destruction, resulting in death.

Darkly they crawled through the dank murk on

trunk-like talons and wings of leather.

They flew while villagers slept, traveling down hells dark realms of emptiness while Satan waltzed in gleeful anticipation.

Evil attacks those who are most vulnerable. In denying their humanity, society has made them so. It has taken their soul. And death comes on wings of fleet.

Flying fast too soon we’ll meet rounding sharp and doubling back skillful pinning itself into the rack.

Mortality claimed; the body reeks.

Swiftly through yonder skies it floats great winged creatures of medieval nights.

The nightmares running freely, while specters chasing me.

Awake, asleep, real or fantasy, I know not which.

Macabre ghostly dancing, chanting voices singing, the bells of hell are ringing.

And we shall punish the sinners for the crimes they reap.

There is no time for repenting.

Winters come and winters go, summers follow, then autumn too.

Years pass, crimes, and sins forgotten, yet, one remembers those ill gotten. And silently waits in joyful expectation.


You and I are but spirits in whom, divinatory deeds absorbed not the ghastly enemy languishing mindlessly within.

Insanity reigns where others dare not enter while the Dragon lies still in Death bird sleep.

Woe to all when the demon awakens!

Obscurely we travel, through the gloom of desolate evening tides, through deserted corridors of fire torture, and volumes of vacuity as swallowed by foliaged trails beneath the frail light of the chameleon moon when God vanquishes Sol into dark mists.

And black night thieves the Universe into a never-ending pit.

Some kind stranger comes to lead me home.

Through the glass darkly reaches of my mind, a mirror friend or a mirror foe, comes again from blow to blow.

A sparkling flash through yonder tunnel glows as I go wandering down hallowed halls of time unknown.

Some kind stranger came to lead me home.


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