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Revised Edition

FM Burgett



I am in the rising of the sun over the eastern plains and the majestic mountains reaching upward into the skies. I am in the cool, calm waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean and the barren rocky shores of the angry Atlantic.

I am in all the creatures, big and small, bright and blind that inhabits the worlds both known and unknown.

I am ageless and have existed since the dawn of life and before. I have existed since the dawn of mankind and before. I am at once both

human and not human. I am of the earth and not of earth. I am the good and bad force in the universe. I am not the Supreme Being and yet I am not his counterpart.

Worshippers of the dark forces praise me while those of the good fear and condemn me. I am the things hinted at in legend; superstitions, nightmares, histories, and religions. I am the noise in the night that causes the heart to pound in terror. I cause the blood to rush to a young girl’s face upon first being kissed by a man.

And I am none of them.

I am eternity here and now.

I am the destructor who slips in unexpectedly to steal away lifes essence, and yet, I am capable of giving eternal life. Mankind fears and adores me. Throughout history, humans have tried to destroy me and found themselves powerless to do so since I am unkillable. Because I am what, they seek, and they are not, humankind chooses to place me in the realm of darkness. My power over them ignites fear and hate in their hearts and souls.

I am immortal.

Let history color me mad, insane or crazy. Such things are of no account to me. From time immemorial mankind has dreamed and sought the secret to immortality. This undying quest even fathered religion on some worlds. On others, it created the legends of changeling creatures. Creatures capable of altering their basic form at will to become great birds, lizards, wolves, bats, and other unimaginable beings.

In the midst of this ancient quest first appeared the presence of a supreme being. On earth, the story is told in repeated editions of an ancient book known as the Bible. This book tells of the creation of man. It is also the first to mention the forces of evil personified by the Serpent, the Archangel, demons and other unsavory life forms. In this book, I learned of mans one time near perfection with longevity reaching into the hundreds of years.
The Bible speaks of evil forces I call the dark powers, preferring George Lucas version of good and dark forces constantly battling one another as shown in his early movies. Just as there are religions worshipping the good, there sprang religions that followed the dark. It is those religions that actively acknowledge the changeling creatures and the bloodsuckers and pay homage to them, recognizing in these mystical beings the ability to live well past the normal life span of man.

The worshippers of the good seek immortality in life after death.

Those followers of the dark seek it during life. Scientists, often practitioners of neither, seek it to begin at the moment of conception. That is; they look to place immortality into the gene structure of mankind.

Let me say that I know with unalterable conviction, this very same task is what I am predestined for since my very beginning in the void of space.

Deranged I may be, but who can truthfully deny my presence? Oh, you may claim to not believe, but just wait until you are all alone in the dark with a cold wind whipping around your abode. Soon the shadows make you jump, and every noise becomes an intruder. On those occasions, you become a believer.

This obsession lay deep within long before the shattering revelation of my destiny.

Everything I have found in the ancient teachings substantiates the stories as the outpourings of half-wit, superstitious or evil creatures. Of what these folks were unaware, and which is so vital to my quest, I have found through my studies of knowledge almost forgotten.

Through eons of research, the answers finally came to me. My search has carried me through a million lifetimes. I have analyzed history as it passed before my eyes and have been party to its creation more than once. Still I thirsted. I hungered for the knowledge of eternity stirring within my essence. I yearned to find others who existed before me.

During this search, I finally reached one unquestionable truth. I am unique. There are no others like me in the entire universe. I have looked the planets over seeking a being similar to myself and have found none. Even your legends of beings such as me all come back to my first appearance in your world. These creatures merely aspired to become what I have always been. At their very core, they remained completely human. Though not a freak of nature this very fact has made me the terror that creeps into the eyes of some and then becomes the lover unseen in others.

From my first realization, that I was not only immortal, but unique there grew insidiously in my mind, heart, and soul the obsession whence sprang the purpose of my experiments. I began to wonder what it would be like to father others like me. And they would be like me for my genes are dominant, having appeared at the onset of life in the universe. I am capable of spreading my seed through the means decreed natural by humanity.

This obsession was nothing more that a desire to test my knowledge and then to find some way to use it. To give the gift of immortality to other beings, so I might not be so completely alone in the universe.

Nature has bestowed on every living creature the capability of reproducing life in its species image. I am no different. While man ponders immortality and eternity, I ponder death and finality. It is through the understanding of life passing into death, which I came upon the secret. So simple and clear it was I nearly missed the point.

Demented I may be. Who can deny the persistent and methodical way I have searched amidst the shadows and dust of forgotten lands? How I have scoured scholarly journals, scientific letters, and ancient vanquished writings until I was able to put together the whole story? Not even the ‘Book of the Dead’ knew the secrets I have uncovered. The final piece to the puzzle I very nearly ignored except for the haunting phrase in Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. “The blood is the life,” spoken by Renfield.

Soon all my musings about death and all mankind seeking of eternal life will be moot. Soon there will be no death. While I have lived to watch the birth and death of a million planets alone, I will soon have a universe full of companions to share eternity.


To this end, I will meet my destiny in my approaching wanderings to all the life-inhabited worlds. To this end, I will bestow the gift of eternal life to man that he will be able to experience all the lifetimes he has so valiantly sought. I do this, not because of some noble urge within me. I do this because I am tired of the loneliness that comes with being a unique life form.

I have eternity.

I will never be alone again.

To this end, I will bring mankind by sucking mortality from their veins, bringing them to the brink of death, and infusing them with immortality. In the dark with a cold wind blowing I will come stealing with the kiss of forever on my lips because

…I am Olgolgen of Bohemia.

…I am Vampire.

And I am coming for you.


Author’s Notes:

The Book of the Dead is an ancient Egyptian funerary text consisting of numerous spells to guide a soul through the underworld called the Duat into the afterlife. It was written by many priests over approximately a thousand years.


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