Susie Strickland, Sizzling Striker

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Susie was the best striker in the whole school.


But girls can’t play soccer , you might think.


Think again! Since Susie could walk the only thing she loved was kicking soccer balls.


Susie practiced every day. At break time at school, at training after school and even at home before dinner!


Susie ! Mum would scream , enough with the soccer, it’s dinner time!


Everyday the same routine until one day things changed.


Susie went to school like any other day kicking her ball in the  rain.




A boy on his bike rode right into a puddle of water and wet Susie from head to toe.



! HA! The boy laughed as he rode towards school.


After school it was soccer practice.


We have a new player , coach Tim said, everybody say hello to Spencer.


It was him! The boy who splashed her with water this morning!


Spencer is a striker said coach Tim.


Game day ! Susies team were down 3 nil at half time.


Okay team coach Tim said , Spencer is coming on for Susie.


Susie walked off the pitch very upset and sat down in a heap on the bench.


Second half kick off.


Only 10 seconds gone , Spencer with a free kick . 3-1.


5 minutes later, corner kick taken , Spencer heads it in, 3-2.


2 minutes to go Spencer has the ball , dribbles past one defender, dribbles past 2 defenders, only the keeper to beat.


GOAL!!!! Spencer scores, hatrick and a draw!


Spencer , Spencer ! Everybody screams ! The best striker we have ever seen!


But Susie doesn’t join in the celebration, she just walks off head down to the dressing room.


I was the best striker she tells Mum at home.


Why is Spencer now the best striker Mum?


You are still the best in my eyes Susie now let’s get ready for dinner .


The next day Susie is on her way to school.







Spencer again .


But this time , Spencer’s bike gets jammed in the sidewalk and he falls off it screaming in pain.


My ankle , my ankle Spencer cries.


Susie didn’t laugh at him, she went to look for help and told him to try and  not to move his foot.


It might be fractured she said.


Spencer won’t play for the next 6 months coach Tim says at the next practice . Susie, you are our only striker.


Next day is the big final, Susies team are down 2-1 at halftime.


Second half begins , penalty!


Susie steps up. She scores 2-2!


1 minute to go , still 2-2,


It’s a throw in Susie gets the ball , leaves a defender in the dust but there are now 2 defenders on her. Should I try to shoot ? Mark is free near the goal, but if I pass to him then I won’t be the best striker.


You are still the best in my eyes, mums  words ring in her ear.


She flicks the ball to Mark. Mark slides in


GOAL! 3-2!




Susie , Susie not just a good striker but a great team player too everybody screams!


The end


By Kalenga Augustine Mulenga 21/10/2020 ©


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