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My name is Jody-Ann Ricketts in 2018 I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts which raptured in 2019 I was in the hospital and was place on clinic two weeks after. I was place on birth control for three months to get rid of the cyst and thankfully it did. I was told that I may have endometriosis but would have to be fully diagnosed for that,anyway I was on the pills and I started recovering so in 2020 my aunt asked me if I wanted to work overseas on the H2B program and I quickly said yes because

I had used up my savings for doctor’s bill etc. So I was doing pretty well until 3 months ago I started having these symptoms and to be honest I ignored it due to the fact that I’m not a citizen so i have no insurance. I remembered I waited another month just to see and that’s when I got hit pretty hard. My menstrual cycle started and I couldn’t walk nor sleep because of the pain so I was told to go to the doctor and I did. So I described the issue I faced while living in Jamaica and she said I think you have endometriosis but I’m going to put you on birth control pills to see how well you respond any I was even the prescription but can’t fill it cause my pay including paying for the doctor’s visit I’m not able to afford it. I’m asking for any help at all I will be grateful my contact number is 5182075271.

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