Golden star

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The golden star

I saw golden star with my own orbs
I was laying on darkness
Something shocked my mind and heart
Though the golden star began lighting for me
Here I am, I never believed in magic’s
But golden star turned to a fondly girl in my heart

’twas the dream with no explanation
I woke up laying down dark pasture of darkness
Toiling all night to see brightness
My heart was still trebling
My heart was occupied by joyous
Oh! My orbs are still embellishing the golden star till then
Hears tweet sung tween Twain and three

’twas sounding beautiful as

though I can copy the sound
Fortunately I managed to copy though I started missing the golden star in my dream
Maybe that woman was Oasis of love in dark desert
If it is, ’twas love cascade on her orb’s
I miss that dream because I final saw the light of love from Oasis

I wonder why I don’t sleep permanent forever
If it is this nice to Dreamland
If it is the only place where we can find pure true love
Oh! I was there and I almost saw ulterior of magic

Though I woke up collecting plans of how I am going to confess to the woman in my dream
That love her so much
That she is my heart shade in this summer heat sun
I regret Waking up if I can’t confess my love to her

I regret Waking up if I can’t manage to touch her heart
I regret working up if I can’t love her

I wish I can have courage tell her she is my light
I am the man that fallen in love with her
I wish I was brave enough to go and embrace her
Oh! Oh! This is wrong
Why I can’t I have wards that can nudge her heart

I hate waking up if this love is meaningless
I regret Waking up if this dream won’t came true
I regret Waking up if can’t own her heart

Here feel my heart singing soul backing
My mind shouting her name
Her eyes shouting back my name
I hate that reality is not like imaginations or dreams


I feel as if I can dance in deep ocean
But reality show me no mercy give anxiety
Reality why you turn my own love to my enemy
I hate that I have to wake up without my golden star

I regret Waking up if my dream will turn to be missed
I regret Waking up if can’t be able to feel every palpation of her heart
I regret Waking up if I am going to miss the woman in my dream so much



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Agcinile Ndlala

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