Take me with you

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Take me with you

Take my heart and tell the world that we are in love
Say to them its not a dream but reality
Be pure and imagine happiness dancing with us
Oh! Yes its about inner voices not social class
It’s feelings confluence to the world of joy
It’s love moving and flowing to reality of dreams
Taking all of me to sensible life
You the Redeemer of beautiful moments in my life
Take me with you and build me into useful structure

Remember to break me when it is necessary
Crutch my mind so I can learn
Mentor me

on how to control situations
Be my sunrise and rise
Take fear to my heart and pour to the space
Come like air dust me from dust
Guide me to prove them not good
So I feel glory and be holy in your love
Take me with you till the end of my life

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Agcinile Ndlala

Writer and Reader user