What is Inovie Lit ?

Inovie Lit is an Unique platform for Authors to publish and Readers to Read.

Where any Writers can Publish their Books, Stories, Short Stories, Article, Essays, poetry, Auto biographies, Life Experiences or anything else and they can Earn Royalties in Real time, once a Reader gives a Like and a Review. 

Any Reader can Read any Published work written by Author without spending anything rather Readers will Earn money from Reading. After reading, every reader should click on Like button and also Review the Published work written by the Author. 

When a Reader gives a Like to any one of the published works of an Author the Reader earns One Point (also Known as Inovie Global points or IGP) and also the Writer Earns One Point. After earning Points, those Points can be Converted into Dollars. Similarly, When a Reader gives a Review in a Published work of an Author, Reader gets One Point and Writer gets One point. Like this Both Readers and Writers can Earn Points and Convert those Points (IGP) into Dollars. 

A user Just have to Sign up (Click here to Sign up now) and after enrolling, the user would be redirected to Dashboard. A user can both be Writer and Reader at same time. A user can Earn points both as Reader and Writer.

More About Inovie Lit ...

Inovie Lit is a subsidiary of Inovie Foundation, which is an International Non Governmental Organization (NGO) solely operating as charitable organization.

From the name itself, it represents Innovation. Inovie Foundation takes up the purpose of Charity with Innovation. The goal of the organization is to help people from every sector and every diversity. Rather than, creating funding proposal and raising money for Charity, Inovie Foundation has taken a different attitude. It has starting building different Innovative projects, which will help people’s larger problems and also along side of that, it will earn profit which will be utilized in different charitable works such as building Shelter homes for homeless people, educational aid for the underprivileged and deprived children, legal aid, providing jobs for job less, etc.

 Inovie Lit gives you an opportunity to be a part of this charity too. The points (IGP) which you will be earning as Author or Readers can be converted into Dollars and can be Donated to Inovie Foundation for a Charitable Cause.


Lit the power of Innovation