Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inovie Lit?

Inovie Lit is a unique Platform for Authors to write and Readers to read. Both can Earn.

How can Authors and Readers can earn from Inovie Lit?

The process is quite simple and easy to understand. Once an Author writes a Story, article, Novel or any other Literary or Published work, it is made available for reading. Readers read the literary or Published work and they can Like and Review. One Like = 1 Point and One Review = 1 Point. Once a Reader gives One Like, Author gets One Point, and Reader gets One point. By doing this both Authors and Readers Earn Points which can be converted into Dollars.

How to get started in Inovie Lit?

Click on Sign up (Click here to Signup) and fill your First name, Last Name, Email-id (Which will your User name at the time of Login) and password. After successfully signing up you can login to your dashboard also you can publish anything such as stories, articles, novels, short stories, essays, dramas, poetries, memoirs, life experiences, documentaries, and any other allied published works. You can view the collected points (also known as Inovie Global Points or IGP) and you can withdraw the amount earned.

Can a user be both an author and reader at the same time?

Yes. A user can become both author and reader at the same time. The points earned as an author and as a reader can be seen cumulatively inside the user dashboard.

Is there any signup fee or subscription fee in Inovie Lit for both authors and readers?

No. Inovie Lit is a free platform for both authors and readers. There are no signup or subscription fees or any hidden charges.

How to withdraw the collected Inovie Global Point or IGP?

Once you collect a certain amount of points (also known as Inovie Global Points or IGP), on the date of the evaluation, a user (both readers and authors) can either claim the earned amount or can donate for a charitable cause.

How to convert Inovie Global points or IGP into USD $ (dollars)?

On the date of evaluation, the board members of Inovie Lit conducts a board meeting and they calculate the total number of points earned by all the users which is then divided with the total number of revenues earned and then value of One IGP against USD (dollar) is being calculated.

From the IGP to USD converter (Click here to go to Inovie Global Converter) an user can easily convert their Collected IGPs into USD (dollars).

For example-  Inovie Lit’s revenue from the ads and donation is $500. And We have total number of points (from both readers and writers) are 1200. Which means, 1point = $0.41 for this month.

Formula- Total Revenue earned ÷ Total Number of Points

One Reader named Alex earned 260 points.

How much he would get?

So, Alex would get 260 x $0.41 = $106.

What is the minimum amount that a user (both authors and readers) can withdraw?

The minimum amount is being decided at the board meeting by the board members on the date of evaluation. The current amount limit to withdraw is $25. If the amount threshold limit of $25 does not fulfils on the date of the evaluation, then the user can withdraw in the next date of evaluation.

What is evaluation?

Evaluation means a certain period of time or the gestation period. On the date of evaluation the board members calls a board meeting. It is generally held after every 45 days Or after a certain period as decided by the board members from time to time.

How Inovie Lit Earns revenue and pay to their readers and authors?

The main revenue for Inovie Lit is Advertisements and donations.  In the Whole Inovie lit platform ads will be displayed. Like Google ads, other companies’ ads. Revenue also comes from donations of philanthropic persons. Any person, who would read any story and some other thing (written by writers/Authors) in the website, has to view the ads. The revenue from the ads and donations will be distributed to Writers and Readers based on the collection of their points. Also when an author purchases a book cover (for Inovie Lit) from our publication partner INOVIE BOOKS the amount of the purchase is also added to the revenue of Inovie Lit.

Note: From the Total revenue 25% – 30% will be deducted for the operational costs and at the date of evaluation and the rest of the revenue is considered for calculation.

Who are branded authors?

From time to time certain authors are recognized as premium authors and they get a place in the prestigious branded author’s page and also rewarded with a personal page in the Inovie Lit platform. The published works of the branded authors are also placed in the premium creamy position of Inovie Lit platform. The branded authors are chosen on the basis of certain following criteria:

– An author who has donated in the Inovie Lit platform.

– Have purchased minimum 5 book covers from Our Publication partner INOVIE BOOKS.

– Any famous or renowned author whose writings are an excellent piece of literary work